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Allright, allright, I did say I was going to do a picspam of the MOST AWESOME THING IN THE WORLD, and while I may have said that SIX BLOODY MONTHS AGO, that doesn't mean it's not on the cards RIGHT BLOODY NOW. I present to you Part One of a Multi-Part series in which I picspam the most awesome thing in the world, the title of which kind of gives away what that most awesome thing might be. It is called:

And that was that for Series One of Torchwood, and Ianto's phonesex shenanigans.

Stay tuned for part two, in which there is INVISIPHONE! and PRETENDSARCASTICPHONE! and MUCH, MUCH MORE. And also, let's face it, there's a wee bit more of Ianto to love in Series 2. Just sayin'.
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OKAY... Before I go on picspamming Days One to Three, here's another collection of randomness, entitled I was searching my hard drive and all I found were these lousy pictures of Ianto Jones. Funny thing about this random collection of pics is that I was indeed searching my hard drive, for a picture. Of Ianto Jones. Which I didn't actually manage to find. I did find this shizzle (they're small and friendly, I made them that way):


While I'm on the subject of things I found on my hard drive, can anyone tell me who made this macro?

It still makes me laugh every time I see it.
(Actually, the more I look at it, the more I think I might have made it MYSELF. Which makes the thing about it still making me laugh kind of pathetic and sad. But I KNOW I didn't have the picture, because it's from the S1 dvd, and I'm pretty sure the wording isn't mine either, though the actual putting-the-wording-on-the-pic might be because I had this on my desktop for a while. Somebody tell me, please.)

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[livejournal.com profile] jo02 asked me to do a picspam because apparently I AM THE DANCING MONKEY THAT CHEERS YOU ALL UP FROM YOUR EMO WOE ABOUT DEADIANTO.

Okay, then, I decided to start at Day Four. Not because I love Day Four because of loldeadness, but because, as [livejournal.com profile] cionaudha reminded me, GDL promised us COCK in Day Four. (I don't mean like he personally phoned me up and said "Hey, be on the lookout for my cock", but... well, yeah, that is actually pretty much what happened apart from it being at a convention or somewhere and there not being a phone involved.) Anyway, here we go, I bring you...

CHECK OUT MY FAYCE, A Ianto picspam from Day Four, with added cock and NO REFERENCE WHATSOEVER to whatever it was that happened in the last ten minutes. )

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Ah, yes, so someone says in my last post "It's almost as if you luff the Barrowman, you talk about him so much", and good God, ain't that the truth. For the record: I think he's a dick. I'm pretty sure we were clear on that one already. Anyway, to compensate, I thought I'd post some gratuitous and hugely pointless pictures. I cleaned up my computer the other day, and put everything in folders, as one does every now and again, and I ended up with a collection of Ianto-related Torchwood screencaps that I'd saved for reasons now lost to me in the mists of time. Probably because I was going to make an amusing icon or use the picture to prove some point or other, or maybe just because I wanted to look at it for a bit, I really don't know. But anyway, here are some of them, in no particular order:


Gratuitous repost, just because the holidays are coming up:

Man with gun. I'm quite fond of man-with-gun type pictures (even given the pie status here), which probably means that deep down I am overly fond of cock. Yeah, well. Whatever. Nice.

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Having read the reports from ComicCon, I was amused to hear that John Barrowman felt Jack was probably jealous of Lisa in Cyberwoman. I think it's great that this big gay show of mine gives one ample opportunity to fankwank away one's own overacting so easily. In hindsight, there's always a reason.

Taking that on board, I felt compelled to look at Torchwood series one again. Because, let's face it, these two were doing it all along, right? Let's see if we can read that into every scene and see what comes out:

Presenting The Jack and Ianto Are at it Like Bunnies Torchwood Series One Retcon Project, part one )

So there you have part one. Part two will explore the exciting world of cannibalism, stopwatches and tummyrats. And fairies, of course. Let's not forget those.

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Gratuitous Gareth picspam masquerading as pie update )

Last note of non-connected noteworthyness, this is [livejournal.com profile] griggharris' signed picture:

IT IRKS ME, that NOBODY at the BBC has, in the past year, taken it upon themselves to edit the shadows of the other cast member's coats out of these individual promo shots that they cut out of the group shot. IT'S LAZY AND STUPID AND WOULD ONLY TAKE TEN MINUTES IN PHOTOSHOP FFS! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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Following on from Part One, it is now time for part two!!
Maybe we'll learn something new and exciting in Part Two!!
Let's find out, shall we? Presenting Ten and His Mouth, second half-ish of Season Two:

The ORAL PICSPAM part two: IL to DD )

I'll turn this into a PowerPoint presentation soon, I promise.
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I promised a picspam of Ten and His Mouth. This to prove that he really doesn't lick things as often as we think he does. Or does he? Well, you decide, I don't really know. I shall be formulating some sort of theory when I am done with part 2. For now, here is the Hot Oral Action from Ten for the first half-ish of Season Two.

ORAL PICSPAM, part one: TCI through AoS )


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