May. 13th, 2014 03:47 pm
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AGENTS OF SHIELD finale tonight.

I still say Stark's in it.

Feel free to point and laugh and tell I was wrong while I'm asleep tonight, then at least I won't be disappointed when I watch.
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Just the one:


No reason.

Anyway, yes, so Amy Acker apparently plays Audrey, Coulson's cellist, in an upcoming episode of SHIELD. My predictions: A)she dies B)she hates him forever C)she doesn't actually get told he's alive or D)she dies. Whatever way, I somehow doubt it involves Phil finally getting some. That makes me do a sadface.

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Oh, thank God only a few days to go until new S.H.I.E.L.D. shenanigans. I feel I have shown great restraint not gnawing the furniture during the hiatus, especially since finding out there's another week's pause in two weeks' time, the bastards.

I have also been very patient with the business pictured below, but it really needs to happen now, dudes. Get on that, will you?


Now give me closure, goddamn you!


Feb. 20th, 2014 09:12 pm
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OMG I am actually invested in something again. DAMN YOU WHEDON!!

OH! Wait!

Feb. 12th, 2014 04:28 pm
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Oh! Wait, you know how in TRACKS, Simmons tells Coulson that he looks MUCH too young to be her father? What if that's just a big cluehammer and that kid called Phil from the 50's playing with the Captain America shield in the film IS Coulson, and he's older than we think? Older than he thinks? What if he's a SHIELD super soldier experiment gone AWOL? He loves old shit, dudes, think about it.
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I am rewatching MAoS, yes MARVEL'S Agents of SHIELD, because that is its proper name, mostly to kill the time I have to wait until my next fix and OMG PHEELS and all that. Pheels, coincidentally, about ALL OF THEM. The fact that I have feels about all of them is what drove me to rewatch the series from the beginning, because actually not hating on characters helps me pay a bit more attention, and stops me getting distracted by, you know, that ladyboner thing. MOVING ON, things what I have noticed:

Cut for length and maybe spoilers I dunno... )

In conclusion, then: Skye/Fitz totally needs to happen. Like, now.


Feb. 10th, 2014 01:54 pm
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I have to stop reading Texts from the Avengers. And, no, I still hate Tumblr, it's too random.


Fucking hell, I could be here for DAYS.
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Can someone explain to me where Clint/Coulson comes from? Because I sometimes feel like I missed an entire MARVEL film somewhere along the line where they had chemistry, of any kind. And don't just say Thor because Hawkeye called Phil 'sir' for a bit. I'm not a slash kind of person, but even if I were, WHY THEM?? I mean, you have Stark and that whole snarky he-pretends-not-to-know-your-first-name, you-pretend-to-not-be-impressed-by-him-but-you-are thing.

And then there's THIS:

coulson shield

Coulson's BIG GAY MANCRUSH on Steve Rogers, which, you know, why don't people go there more? When was this Clint/Coulson thing decided upon? It's like somebody chose it and then all Marvel slash fangirls stuck their fingers in their ears and started running with it, despite canon giving them gift after gift of slashy goodness that doesn't involve Hawkeye at all.

I'm not a huge fic person, full stop, but I keep seeing it, Marvel people, Agents of Shield people, everyone seems obsessed by it. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.

ETA: Is it the alliteration? I can understand that part of it, it's MARVEL, after all. It would be good if someone just came straight out and said, yeah, it's the alliteration, Whelk, that's all it is.
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Hello, yes, Whedon family, are you listening?

Coulson AFunnyThingHappened 1

I am serious here, I have but one request:


I'm worried, Whedon always has this power to make me worry about things that, thankfully, don't usually pan out, so there's that, but between Joss joking in an interview that Coulson may have superpowers, and AoS now, of all times, setting up the premise that people can be 0-8-4s, or objects of unknown origin, I'm worried that Whedon is going to tell us Phil is special.

HE'S NOT SPECIAL, HE'S JUST PHIL. That's the whole point of Phil, so please, guys, just think up another reason why SHIELD would have put in what you are implying is an enormous amount of manpower, technology, time and effort into keeping Coulson alive, like, he's just a nice guy or something? Fury likes him? Anything, really, apart from specialness.

Seriously, man, this sort of stuff here:

Coulson AFunnyThingHappened 2

It's really desperately important that those are skills he picked up from tae-bo tapes. Tae-bo tapes and Supernanny, that's Phil, okay? Are we clear on this, Whedons? Phil's just a dude. With a flying car.
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Look, can everyone just go watch the Marvel One Shot called The Consultant so I know I won't be rambling into a void when I inevitably start rambling about its deeper meanings and how they relate to Coulson's character? Before I do that, feel free to just watch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer over and over because, well, donuts and tae-bo.

Can you tell yet? SHIELD is my new talky show.
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'So we're good, right?'


Coulson's blind optimism and faith in pretty much the being goodness of every person and situation makes me love him yet also lol at him in equal measure. I think the whole being-goodness of SHIELD itself will become a Thing this season, because the whole setup, the team, the bus, the absence of a fishtank, every single thing that is said and done by these dorks on a plane pretty much hinges on Coulson's absolute unshakable faith in the fact that SHIELD are the good guys. 'Sorry, ma'am, we're the good guys.' That was back in Thor, ffs, that sentence is pretty much the essence of what Coulson is. If anything, Skye's parents, What Happened In Tahiti, whatever, were to cause a chink in that blind faith the whole bus would go boom. Oh, Coulson, let me hug you better so that never has to happen.


I keep thinking they're converging around an air hockey table. I bet it turns into an air hockey table at some point.
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Coulspam, feel free to ignore.


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Coulson Lola

Oh, you silly sexy Agents of SHIELD. I have decided that though I find Coulson/May quite hawt, and Coulson/Lola is obviously the biggest ship of the show, Fitz/Simmons is a total red herring and my head canon is veering towards Fitz/Skye, provided Skye becomes more interesting to me than she currently is, and Coulson/Simmons. The latter being all kinds of wrong like Artie/Claudia wrong, which is what makes it great. I couldn't care less who Ward does and I think Melinda is probably perfectly content looking after herself or joining in on the car sex every so often. Simmons frowns on the car sex, but tolerates it because, you know, it's Coulson, he's got... quirks.
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Coulson spamming it is, then. I like a man with a hilariously giant gun.

Even I don't know what it does.


Do you want to find out?
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I may well spam LJ with pictures of Coulson from now on. It's not like there's more than 3 people here, anyway.
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You know I love me some Joss, guys, so let's just say the entire Marvel universe has developed quite an attraction lately.

I'd post a long thing about Agents of SHIELD, but I have to be honest and say I still don't know any of the characters' names, and this is not due to any issues with the show itself, I'm pretty sure it's great and I'm in love with it, it's simply due to the fact that I'm constantly distracted by my persistent ladyboner for Coulson.

Damn sexy Coulson

Did I say persistent? I meant insistent. Distracting. All-consuming. Seriously, I have no idea what's happened so far this series.

I'm sure Having A Thing For Coulson is a Thing in Marvel fandom, I don't frequent Marvel fandom. Or maybe it's not, I don't know. I don't care. Anyway, could someone fill me in on the plot and such?


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