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I have no idea what just happened.

I lie, of course I do. )

Oh, I'm sick. This may have made me more incomprehensible than usual.

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Nah, actually, they're more sort of random thoughts on the Who finale.

Spoilers, sweetie )
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Okay, there we go, I've stopped crying now. That was beautiful, man. That was more poignant and touching than I've come to expect from Who. Annoyingly, it contained exactly the sort of emotion and depth that I'm still sort of missing from the overall Amy/Rory/Melody arc of this series, and that is starting to stand out now, especially when you get an episode like this that proves that that level isn't beyond the scope of the writers and actors involved. So what the fuck is it, then? Why does nobody (esp Amy and Rory) come across as hugely affected by the events of this season so far? Am I missing something vital? Have I not paid enough attention? You'd better be fixing it, Moff.

But, seriously... this is the plot for the finale, right? Except with Melody instead of Amy. Yes?
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I have random thoughts about Let's Kill Hitler, which I shall post in no particular order.

What are spoilers? )

I think...

Jun. 17th, 2011 06:53 pm
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See, my notion about Ganger!Amy is that she's wearing all them plaid shirts because if she really was physically pregnant, she'd just choose to doss around in Rory's shirts for the first six months, and so, without realising why, Ganger!Amy decides to start wearing Rory's shirts as well.

This is my theory and I'm sticking to it because I find it terribly romantic and also I believe it to be true (yah, based on the trufax of loads of pictures I found of Rory in, like, plaid shirts) and possibly even something that was done on purpose, like.

I have turned into a total Amy/Rory shipper, dudes. They are so freaking adorkable.


Jun. 15th, 2011 04:46 pm
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This picture gives me jolly fuzzy feelings.

Don't judge me I was looking for... something. On the internets.


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