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Okay, look, this hipster hobo thing doesn't work on me, alright?

BUT, I will say the following about Sebastian Stan, who would appear to have taken over Loki's crown as Tumblr's crazed and somewhat inexplicable fangirl obsession, he looks like he would be:

A) A hilarious drunk.

B) A guaranteed great night out, probably ending in arrest.

C) Really dirty in bed.

And his utter ubiquitousness in fannish circles at the moment has made me grown accustomed to his face and now, maybe 5% of the time and only from certain angles, I can get with people finding him hot. And maybe agree. But only when I'm hormonally challenged and having one of those days where I'm in the mood for something really, really sleazy.

ETA: I am watching Not Another Teen Movie, because it is on telly. I did not actively seek out Not Another Teen Movie, nor do I have the strength to resist Not Another Teen Movie if it is thrust upon me. So here, I am, finally succumbing to Not Another Teen Movie. I need help.

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Okay, so, anyway, after hearing what an adorable dork Sebastian Stan was at his first con... )

I have decided I am now officially on board with a possible Stupid!Face Bucky!Cap. Seb still has a stupid face, but by God he's fan-friendly. And I could probably grow to love it, let's face it.

BUT... only after this happens:


Yeah, that's one comic frame actually illustrating two caveats, Cap saying " Avengers assemble" and Cap lifting Mjolnir. Basically, if, after all the rumours I've heard, the Cap lifting Mjolnir thing, doesn't happen, I am going to cut a bitch. For real. Oh, and also, if you could do the Bucky!Cap thing without actually killing Steve dead, that would be a huge bonus. And also, since we have no Spiderman in our universe, please find a suitable replacement character who will forever insist on referring to Bucky!Cap as "BuckyCap", much to Bucky!Cap's annoyance. Falcon could do it, maybe?


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