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From [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets:

BIG PICSHUR with lolediting )

OVER 400? Really? Is that what that says? I find that hard to believe, secretmaker. I have no way of checking, but that sounds... excessive, even for the grudgewankers at [livejournal.com profile] who_anon. I don't post that much about me, and I find myself reasonably fascinating. So, yeah... if that's true, then, whoa. Weirdness. (Admission: I'm kind of obsessively trying to do the maths on this one, because I've tracked things in my inbox before, and I know that the email format mentions the previous comment in any comment reply, so if I were mentioned in one comment, any comment replying to that comment would have the original comment quoted in it, so the first reply, and second mention of my name, would bring the count to three, etc etc. Even so, I still think 400 is a lot. I should stop thinking about this, probably. BAWWWW MOAR, TENCRUSH! etc.)

Speaking of internet haters who should be doing better things with their time, i.e. me, a personal note to the person who made this:

(The one that says ILU) This picture inspired me to use an openface Cooper style font in my header image, because it reminded me how fond I actually am of that font, especially the openface variety. (Mine is Alfredo, but this is beside the point.) Of all the images and messages on the Ianto shrine, I actually quite like this one, because it's sweet, as, to be fair, are most of the others. That's why I mentioned it, albeit sarcastically. That's just an aside, oh maker-of-the-ILU-picture, I am sure your heart and your sentiments are in the right place, as is the heart of everyone else who put something up on that shrine in Cardiff Bay. I have nothing personal against anyone who has done so, I, myself would have LOVED to have put something up on that shrine to Ianto because I miss him LIKE BURNING, I am still angry, I am still sad, I am still frustrated. My problem with the shrine is the same problem I have with the SaveIanto pdf, and the Save Ianto campaign in general, and it's that you, people of the Save Ianto campaign, have hijacked my grief and my anger and my frustration and used it to support your Annie Wilkes-style campaign to pester and bully and spam the BBC and anyone else you can think of with the message that IANTO JONES MUST BE RETURNED TO TORCHWOOD OR ELSE. Just like all the quotes you ganked for your document, just like all the charitable donations made to Children in Need, again with the way you've claimed this shrine as your own you're twisting people's genuine, heartfelt expressions and using them to claim support for your cause. And still, I can see from my inbox, you genuinely don't understand why this upsets and angers people. (People like me, but not just me, I just happen to talk about it sometimes.) Duh, dudes. Double duh.

Speaking of moving on and getting over it, though, Lessons in Torchwood Irony, part one: [livejournal.com profile] letiantorest. Hur, hur. I know, let's Let Ianto Rest by starting a community about Letting Ianto Rest called [livejournal.com profile] letiantorest. Guys, protip: Letting Ianto Rest: UR DOIN IT WRONG. There is not a smidgeon of irony to be found in the posts and comments, which is funny enough, but the fact that it seems to centre around self-importantly declaring it a space where fans can be Better Than Other Fans, while at the same time expressing a wish to Bring The Fandom Back Together is just... oh, fuck, it's delicious. You never fail to bring the luls, TW fans. Don't ever change.

I am rewatching TW S2 for Ianto and his phone. He is not on the phone enough in S2, I'm five episodes in and already grasping at straws. I may well have to lump it in with CoE, which is full of phoney Iantoey goodness, apart from the part in which he becomes dead. But I don't have to watch that part, because I'm pretty certain he's not on the phone after that happens.

Yeah, that's it, I'm outta here.


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I went to post a comment somewhere and found I'd been banned from someone's journal. I've never been banned from anyone's journal before, and I quite like the person in question and don't recall ever having had a disagreement with them of any kind. Random defriendings by people who I thought were my actual friends I can deal with, but banning? Wow. Ouch.

Speaking of which, this is kind of where I am at the moment:
  • There's not a lot of joy for me left in Whovian fandom. I'll probably post something later about how much I hated Waters of Mars. I have no desire to watch anything RTD has produced or DT stars in, and I am only just managing to hold on to a scrap of enthusiasm for when Moffat and Smith come in. I hate Russell, I hate everything he's ever written, I think he's awful. His insistence on bringing all this emotional manpain and trauma into these shows that used to just be a joyful experience for me and, in the case of Who, for my kids, has ruined my fannish experience. I want the last three years of my life back, I wish I'd never started watching Torchwood, I wish I'd stopped watching Who. I don't need television that pisses me off and makes me sad, that's not what I watch television for. Fuck you Russell, I hope LA chews you up and spits you out and fucks you in the ass with a pointy stick.

  • Ianto did make me happy for quite a few years, which is why I'm working on a last epic picspam of my favourite teaboy doing shit. I hope to have it done in a week or two.

  • I'm also working on something of a personal project celebrating Torchwood Series One and Two, which I hope to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Or maybe I'll just abandon it.

  • I was hoping to do a Christmas push on the Ianto Jones Wants a Pony campaign, but the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust's continued inability to update me is starting to annoy me a bit, so maybe I'll leave it. After Christmas, I'm done promoting it because I think I've done enough. I'll leave it up, of course.

  • Any takers for [livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy may give me shout here or in PM. I'm putting it up for adoption per January 1st. If there's no-one interested, I'll close it down.

  • Oh, in case you were wondering, no. If there is a new series of Torchwood, I won't be watching it, as I don't really like Gwen, or Jack. I liked Tosh and Ianto and I quite enjoyed disliking Owen. I liked Ianto, I liked Tosh, I liked the Hub, the embossed SUV, the pteranodon, the old ladies, the poodles, the victorian lesbianism, the cyberbikinis and that stupid fucking invisible lift. In fact, I loved all those things. Apparently I loved those things far too much. Those things are all gone, so there's nothing for me to come back to. Not that there will be a new series.

  • It's been really fun, people, but if you've friended me for Torchwood content, please, feel free to defriend me in the coming weeks, I won't be offended. I am completely spent. Done. Thanks, Rusty.

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A brief post about LOVE, like I promised. Or more specifically, about "I love you" and Children of Earth. I've heard from one of GDL's panels at DragonCon that there was a reciprocal "I love you" in Ianto's death scene in Day Four, but it removed at the request of JB and GDL. You may be surprised to know that I am GODDAMN HAPPY about that. That scene was fucking awful, man. It made me cry, yes, Ianto was soon to be dead, but Christ what a cringeworthy sappy piece of shit scene that was. I was upset at the time that there WASN'T an "I love you" from Jack in that scene, I'll admit, but my actual upset wasn't about those words and that moment, it was about the fact that there wasn't anything even remotely approaching a relationship in which those words could have been spoken up until that scene.

What Children of Earth did, for me, above anything else, was tell me that I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. Way back when, when I started thinking that Jack/Ianto was a bit squicky, and I talked and I talked and I talked and people talked to me, and everyone started convincing each other that we should be reading between the lines and there was more to their emotional bond than we were being shown, all that stuff was thrown out the window in Days One to Four of Children of Earth. There wasn't. There hadn't been. And so all those thoughts I had back then, that Jack was essentially fucking an employee, not really giving anything back emotionally, despite the fact that that employee, who was younger, less experienced, emotionally broken and vulnerable, was very obviously falling in love with him, all that stuff was true. My inklings and instincts that Jack was being a user and was, in fact, a bit of a dick, that really was the case. Not only was there nothing going on, emotionally, in Series One or Two, but when that subject did start coming up in CoE, it was shot down, their interactions became hugely uncomfortable to watch, and a sudden redemption on that front on Ianto's deathbed did absolutely nothing to change that. Too little, too late. It made me hate Jack, far more than I'm sure it was meant to, but it did. I'm glad Jack didn't say "I love you", it would probably have made me hate him even more.

The reason all this stuff still bothers me is pretty simple. I had these bad feelings about Jack during S2 of Torchwood, this inkling that he used people and acted like an arsehole, and used his immortality as an excuse, in his own head, anyway, for how he treated mere mortals emotionally. For me, those feelings were confirmed in CoE when the big, climactic, dramatic drama happened. And the thing is, I have these same feelings about the Doctor. Well, no, not the Doctor, Ten, specifically. This niggling feeling that he's been acting like a dick, and that he uses his emo as an excuse to treat people like shit. In fact with the Doctor it's far less niggling, and far more blatant. I don't want to feel this way about the Doctor, and I'm very, very afraid that, as with Jack, these things will come into play in the final furlong. I DO NOT WANT.

I never really cared about the fact that I disliked Jack, Jack's not a big deal, but the Doctor? I watch this shit with my kid, man, I don't want to have him squeeing over monsters and sonic screwdrivers and TARDISes while I sit by on the sofa and fume and cringe and hate Ten. I don't want all this serious manpain in Who, and I certainly don't want these HINTS of serious manpain and emotional retardation to become CANON. I don't mind hints, I don't mind it when I can read things into this kiddie show, I like being given ambiguity and subtext, things to enjoy on another level while my child hides behind the sofa, that's all great, it's cool. Actual canonical emo and manpain and emotional manipulation? Not so much.

I hear a lot of people saying that it sounds like Moffat's tenure might be a bit much in the way of jelly babies and crappy monsters and silliness. GOOD. I, for one, cannot wait for this development. Bring it on. And Russell? Go make SRSDRAMA somewhere else. I won't be watching.

ETA: LOL, though. I've been criticising Russell T Davies for like two years now, and what was my major complaint about Jack/Ianto? It was Russell, you're not doing a very good job of showing us a relationship between two equals that isn't mildly emotionally abusive and isn't primarily about sex. I was totally wrong. He did a great job of showing us a relationship that wasn't between two equals, was mildly emotionally abusive and was primarily about sex. Russell is, in fact, very good at his job. Who would have thought?


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If life is going to exist in a universe of this size,
then the one thing it cannot afford to have
is a sense of proportion.

There is yet another Children of Earth denialist Torchwood fan community out there and it is here:

[livejournal.com profile] tw_hysterical9

I am pimping it here on this journal for a few reasons. The first being that they've kindly linked to my PONY APPEAL, which is very nice of them. Secondly because they sort of asked me to a little bit because of my status as Torchwood BMF (that's not BNF, but BMF, which stands for BAMF!, otherwise known as BIGMOTHERFUCKINGFAN, and as such carries no implications of status or fame or indeed likeability.) And lastly because it finally seems like a place that doesn't take itself TOO seriously. I know there's lots of post-CoE-save-Ianto-hate-Russell-won't-watch-again type communities out there, but to be totally honest, we could do with one that isn't quite such serious business.

I never joined [livejournal.com profile] savecoffeeboy. I can understand why LOADS of people did join Save Coffee Boy, but I personally never got the point. I started the pony appeal because I wanted to show appreciation for what Ianto was without actually pushing a bring-Ianto-back agenda into anybody's face. I fully appreciate that lots of people want Ianto back, but I'm also a realist. I didn't like Children of Earth, but Ianto's death only played a very small part in the reasons why I didn't like Children of Earth. I won't be watching Torchwood again, but not just because Ianto's not in it, thought that's a big part of it. The thing is, though, I understand that in the scheme of things, nobody in any position to give a shit gives a shit that I didn't like CoE, that I want Ianto back, or that I won't be watching Torchwood again. Torchwood, as a franchise, doesn't NEED ME, any more than it needs you, dear reader, to approve of its direction. It got the viewing figures it wanted, and that, quite simply, is the end of the story. I LOVE the fact that there's so many people out there campaigning for Ianto's return, that they're raising money, sending coffee and making shrines, but I just don't have the optimism required to actually join them. Ianto's not coming back. Myfanwy's not coming back because ha, she must have asploded or something. They killed Torchwood, and that is the state of things. The state of things is not going to change. Now don't get me wrong, I am INCREDIBLY UPSET about the state of things. But what are you going to do?

So anyway, yes, the hysterical 9 community. I've already been reading a few things on there, and it makes me happy that people are now, calmly and rationally, talking about what happened. I'm seeing more and more of that around, actual meta and thoughts about why we're so upset, why we can't just get over it, why we're hurt and grieving, and I'm enjoying reading it.

Speaking of which, [livejournal.com profile] solitary_summer wrote some long but very interesting meta here about CoE and what it was about. I wish I could subscribe to this point of view, but the fact of the matter is that I feel that if this was how we were meant to view Jack's arc over the three series, I think it was executed badly. Jack's characterisation is, for me, quite simply too inconsistent to see him as having this progression and development. I'd love to just take this as read and ignore any bits of Jack that contradict it, but I'm terrible at ignoring bits I've seen. Damn. Having said that, remember back when I said I thought I'd found some beauty in CoE and something to like, but then I lost it? The things written in this essay, that's the thing I was grasping at but couldn't see anymore for all the ugliness. I can sort of see it now, but not clearly enough to change my opinion on the series. But I'm happy I read this.

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So, yeah... it's my birthday and I got pancakes in bed from the kiddoes and a Toyota sewing machine with Italian instructions, new instructions for which are allegedly in the post and I also got FOUR, yes FOUR Torchwood books. Almost Perfect, Pack Animals, Into the Silence and The House That Jack Built. I just finished Almost Perfect and it was really quite funny and it's pissed me off.

Why could they give us a (fucking female!) Ianto with a fucking personality and a flat and a fucking life in the books, but not on screen? Is this where I was supposed to be getting my jollies all this time? Fuck you, dudes. Not good enough. (Though I now understand where that "I am Ianto Jones and this is how I roll" thing comes from.) But seriously, this was MY Ianto, guys. He was fucking Jack but not interested in talking to him in any way or being in any way serious about him, he didn't think it was omgtruelove, and he took the first opportunity his female body allowed him to snog some other guy. Go, Ianto. My favourite bit was where Gwen actualy doubted that Jack and Ianto ever had sex, but surmised they just spent most of their time posing naked with their hands on their hips, pouting at each other. I could totally believe that. I'm worried that the more books I read, the more angry I'll get at how their relationship suddenly did a 180 in CoE and turned into some angsty gay soap opera about how much Ianto needed Jack to WUV him. I don't get it.

Man, it's been a month and I've still not moved on at all.

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[Poll #1439526]

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Okay, this is probably going to be a long one. I've decided to write two posts about the allegations of homophobia people have been throwing at the BBC and RTD in light of Children of Earth. This is the first.

Somewhat tealdeerish, talk of RTD, slash, homophobia and misogyny )

Man, this post is long enough already, I'll talk about what those iffy signals were in a later post. I felt I needed to get over my upset about Ianto before being able to talk about those things succinctly, but I'm over it now, and I feel they need to be discussed.

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I said yesterday how much this guy has ruined Who for me, and now Torchwood as well, and the thing is, I'm sure he didn't MEAN TO. But he did. How did he do that, though? Well, I've been thinking about that, and the thing is, that Russell and I just don't see eye to eye on relationships, and here's why.

There's two relationships that Russell has touted or described using the words "love" and/or "romance" and they are Doctor/Rose and Jack/Ianto. The thing about Jack/Ianto is that Russell didn't really have a very firm hand in the development and depiction of that relationship in Series One and Two of Torchwood, which makes it very interesting to see what happens to that relationship the moment that Russell DOES start to stir that particular pot in Series Three, and it's a very telling thing that happens. The relationship that we so desperately tried to fanwank away as having something of an equal footing about it, as being something of a partnership in S1 and 2 immediately, in Day One of S3, is very clearly depicted as a relationship between a STRONG and a WEAK partner. Ianto suddenly becomes Rose in S2 of Who, unsure of their position in the affections of the other, not even sure enough and confident enough to OUTRIGHT ASK what their position is, and reduced to slightly underhanded nagging about mortgages or the word "couple" in order to try and gauge what the other partner is thinking and how the other partner sees them. The dominant partner is dismissive, cold even, and the questioning party is left to shrug off that coldness and accept what's on offer because this is pretty much it, so take it or leave it. And they take it. Like a bitch.

We know how both of those relationships ended because they ended in exactly the same way, with tears and an unrequited "I love you" on the side of the weaker party. Now the thing about both of these relationships is, and I think that's what many people fail to understand, that Russell really - genuinely - finds this type of interaction romantic. This interaction between the doting, devoted (we as an audience might say "foolish") underdog and an uncommunicative, closed off stronger half, Russell really digs that shit. And when we, as an audience, say to Russell that we find what we see on screen unsatisfying, maybe because we like our romances to be between equals and not so weirdly skewed, Russell really doesn't get why. And so when we say we were missing something in Jack/Ianto, Russell assumes, because he thinks it was fucking romantic, that we think they didn't have enough sex, when that's precisely the opposite of what we were missing. He's not being dismissive, he just doesn't understand our point of view. At all. And he never will. This is IT for him, this is the epitome of romance. Look at Doctor/Jack, the exact mirror of Jack/Ianto, the relationship where Jack is the foolish devoted one and the Doctor is the one being cold and unappreciative and closed. We feel for Jack in that relationship and we hate the Doctor in that moment for brushing his devotion off so casually. (Not as much as I hate Jack for brushing off Ianto, but that's only because the Doctor at least has the decency not to fuck those he keeps at arm's length.) Hell, look at Gwen/Rhys even, again, a relationship where we side with the underdog Rhys and really, when we look at the relationship objectively, think Rhys deserves better than what Gwen gives him (her superhuman rewrite in S3 notwithstanding). I won't go so far as to psychoanalyse RTD, dudes, but let's face it, the lovestruck puppy and the strong silent type, that really is Rusty's bag, baby. It ain't mine. Unfortunately.

Yes, I am angry at RTD for what he gave us in S3 of Torchwood, but mostly, I'm angry at myself for getting my hopes up that Russell would ever be able to step away from this default relationship template and give me something that would satisfy me. He can't. This is the formula that Russell writes to and it's a formula that I, personally, don't like, because I like my romance with a smidgeon of equality. And so, inevitably, I will never like anything that Russell writes. It's never going to work between me and Russell and I've now resigned myself to that. So, yeah. That's me and Russell done. Forever.

On a side note, I believe the reason RTD is so adamant that Ianto is DEAD DEAD DEAD NEVER COMING BACK NO WAY NO HOW, and not toeing the standard keep-em-hooked sci-fi line of "anything can happen, folks!" is twofold. First, I think these are the protests of a man who has been defending this decision for a while now. This isn't the first time it's been questioned, I reckon it's been questioned internally, probably reasonably vehemently, because these are the words of a man who has been digging his big gay heels in for quite some time now, shouting his way out of a corner he's been pushed into once too often. And secondly, he's so adamant about this BECAUSE JACK IS NOT COMING BACK. Jack will exit the narrative in Who, and John's not telling us this because he's still contractually obligated to toe a party line, but mark my words, Jack will leave the story or turn into the face of Boe in Who, leaving us with ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to bring Ianto back. Because Ianto's function in the narrative has only ever been to be Jack's lover and tell us as an audience more about Jack as a person. Ianto's never really been upgraded to his-own-man status in Rusty's eyes, and with the exit of Jack, Ianto will cease to have a purpose in the story, whatever it may be. Those are my thoughts on that Ianto is dead as a doornail thing. Yeah, of course, Rusty's also saying it because he loves to piss off the fanbase, that's like a masochistic thing he's really into, but apart from that, those are my reasonings as to why he's saying that.

I wish I could stop thinking about fucking Torchwood already.

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Yesterday I chucked my 2p into two conversations about Children of Earth, both of which have since been deleted. I know it was't my contributions that got them deleted, but I thought it was amusing nonetheless. The first was a conversation on [livejournal.com profile] torch_wood about the MYFANWY'S DEAD interview with RTD that I linked to here in this journal as well. I called Bullshit on that fucking argument that keeps getting trotted out along the lines of "Well, RTD's a successful writer so he can do what he wants, and when YOU write a successful BBC drama, THEN you can criticise." I've mentioned this one before. In fact, I said it here after Day Three aired. It's bullshit. I'm not going to say any more on the subject than I already said in that post, but anyone using this argument anywhere near me gets pointed and laughed at from now on for being REALLY QUITE DIM. Fuck off.

The second was a community pimp in [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee for THAT community where nobody's allowed to say anything nasty about CoE and everyone who does is immediately judged to be a batshit Ianto fangirl with a grudge and a sad longing in their knickers. NEWSFLASH: I KNEW IANTO WAS GOING TO DIE, IT MADE DRAMATIC SENSE TO ME THAT HE WOULD. I didn't think it would be in the cheapest and nastiest and most clichéd circumstances known to mankind, and I didn't think the show would then degenerate into complete nihilistic, badly written, edgy-for-the-sake-of-it NONSENSE after which Captain Jack flies away like Ford Prefect hitching a lift. Just to make that clear. If I were to rewrite CoE Days Four and Five, I'd probably still kill Ianto. I'd just do it FOR A REASON. I piped into that conversation because the tone of that community gets right on my tits, and I'm sick of being told I must be unable to APPRECIATE GENIUS due to Ianto batshit, just because I thought CoE started well and then ended shit. I thought CoE started well and then ended shit. End of story.

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Yes, yet again I have FINAL WORDS about Children of Earth.

See this interview here.

DAN: Can you confirm or deny the death of the Torchwood pterodactyl?

RTD: (big laugh) I think she must have been blown up in that blast.

Yeah, laugh it up, Russell. Again, you've proved to me what an utter dick you are.

See, the thing about Children of Earth is that I can't really fault it. Yeah, okay there were gaping plot holes and death and misery for the sake of it, but as a creative endeavour, as a whole, it was pretty good. This was what you always wanted Torchwood to be, this, to a certain extent is what WE always wanted Torchwood to be. Problem is, Rusty, if this was your vision, if this was what you wanted from your darker, edgier Whovian drama, then THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE. It's all very well to hand over the reins and sit back and not really pay any attention for two seasons, but what happens when you do that is PEOPLE START WATCHING A DIFFERENT SHOW THAN THE ONE YOU ENVISIONED. And just because you couldn't get off your lazy arse for two years, doesn't give you the right to suddenly take that show that people have been watching and embracing and go "Oh, hang on, wait, let's do a u-turn and turn it into SERIOUS BUSINESS because THAT'S WHERE I WANTED IT TO GO WHEN I THOUGHT OF IT". It's disrespectful to the world that's been crafted and to the audience that was quite enjoying that, thank you very much. And you can say that that's your creative vision, but when it comes at the price of what's gone before, of what you couldn't be bothered to keep a tighter rein on and shape the way you wanted it shaping, then I call it a Sudden Unexpected God Complex. It doesn't work that way. People on the meme are laughing at the pterodactyl thing, but seriously, I'm upset. I'm upset that Russell thinks he can laugh away that thing I watched for two seasons and loved and turn it into a joke and say "Oh, sorry, this wasn't what I meant to make." And that's why I now think you're a hack, Rusty. I always figured you were, but now I know.

Which brings me to a lovely theory that [livejournal.com profile] solitary_summer had, which is about Jack and The Face of Boe, funnily enough, one she formulated before watching CoE. Which is that Jack will eventually become the Face of Boe because he's fed up with being pretty and he NEEDS to become a REALLY BIG HEAD with A REALLY BIG BRAIN so he can do right by all the people he's loved and lost and hurt and REMEMBER THEM PROPERLY. Even in a thousand years. That's a lovely sentiment, and if I thought even for one second that Russell might be going there, I'd be really quite... satisfied. In a way. But the thing is he's not. That's not to say he won't go with the question of how Jack becomes the Face of Boe, because I'd put money on the fact that Russell will use the special featuring Jack to put a shitload of effort into wanking away a lame joke he made in Series 3. But, of course, he'll do it for luls. Because the thing is that that whole thing of "I watched my gay lover, whom I could never quite commit to or show the affection he deserved, die in my arms because I forgot to formulate a plan, and then I killed my own grandson with REAL BLOOD and everything", that whole thing won't be adresseed in Who, because it's a family show. And so Rusty will concentrate his efforts on Jack being a bit of a manwhore and the Doctor putting him down and then special effects happen and Jack becomes the Face of Boe. So I'm just putting the theory out there as to WHY he becomes the Face of Boe, in advance, so you can fanwank that into it later and go away feeling marginally happier about the lighthearted shit Russell's going to come out with with regards to Jack. Take it and do with it what you will.

Now I really am done talking about CoE. I've said all I could possibly have to say on the subject.

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It's not a joke! Does she sound like she's making a joke? Is she laughing? Is Rhys laughing? No.

He says that maybe they could have a baby. She says maybe they could adopt a Filipino and send it to clean the chimney. Which would be an irresponsible and morally reprehensible thing to do. AS WOULD HAVING A BABY WHILE WORKING AT TORCHWOOD. (And no, there are no associations in Gwen's mind between Filipino's and chimney cleaners, there are Victorian associations between children and chimney cleaners. Like in Mary Poppins. And stuff.)

The JOKE comes later, because they're establishing in this scene that Gwen would never in her right mind want to have a baby while working at Torchwood, and she's discussed this with Rhys. When she finds out she's pregnant, however... she says it's bloody brilliant. Lol.


Jul. 7th, 2009 08:30 am
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So I DO have a few thoughts on Children of Earth, Day One, and I DO have ten minutes to write them down, but probs not to comment. They're randomly here below the cut.
Bender. Lol. )

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Gwack and Janto fangirls in venn-diagrammatic form.

QUESTION ONE: Using the following supposition, find a value for A, B, C and D.


Jack/Gwen shippers like to pretend that John Barrowman is just a little bit straight. For them.

[Poll #1330387]

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Thank you for all your lovely comments on my slightly anti-JB post, I'll just reiterate what's been said elsewhere, what a lovely, friendly fandom this is that we can have these sane, civilised discussions, even when we don't agree. I LOVE YOU ALL.

I'd like to respond to a few things, and they're best summed up by an anonymous comment I received from Max in the post below, and they're pertaining to Torchwood specifically, as opposed to JB, which is really where I'm going with this whole thing. The comment:

On the subject of TW.....
...as opposed to John himself - RTD has had his owm criticism about his protrayal of gay men, in relation to QAF mostly.

There are some gay men who hated the representation of gay men on QAF as pill-popping man-sluts.

Two things to say about that:

1) I think RTD lived that life in his 20's - going out every night, multiple flings etc, so he was writing what HE knew personally.

2) Why does every gay character have to be the definitive role model - an acceptable face to the straight world?

...So some gay men may live to be on the scene, and some may find a partner and never stray. Some may find a partner, and have lovers on the side - and by the way, I'm not even sure this is what JB does in his own life (I get the impression he's monogamous), but it's not my business - but you can't expect every single gay relationship on the the tv (including on TW) to reflect what you think is the ideal.

First off, as I've said, I'm really not particularly interested in what anyone does in their private life, which is why I had trouble posting what I did, because I think it's a bit intrusive, and the reason I brought up JB's private life, specifically, is because I think it has bearing on the characterisation in Torchwood. As Max rightly points out, Russell himself has also been on the receiving end of this sort of criticism, and I think the same thing Max says applies to John, I think both of them have a past in that free-for-all multiple fling gay scene, and I'm sure John is perfectly monogamous at this point in his life, I never meant to imply that I think he isn't. But I think that history has bearing on how the gay relationships in Torchwood play out. As has been pointed out on many occasions by many different people, including myself, but not only by me, the show treads a very fine line and has a tendency towards portraying the homosexual relationships as somehow less emotionally involving than the heterosexual ones. It's not a thing that's been put in intentionally by anyone involved, but it's a piling of small things on top of other small things that leave that impression.

Let's take Ianto. (Yes! Let's! I'll take him! I'll take him right here and now.) On the one hand, Ianto's a hugely refreshing character. For a start, he's canonically bisexual, which, on the GLBT menu, is surely potentially and stereotypically the most slutty thing one can possibly be, omnisexual notwithstanding. Because, let's face it, as a bisexual you're just not ruling anyone out, everyone's a potential target for your advances. (I'm joking. You all know me well enough by know. If you don't, fuck off out my journal.) And yet, Ianto's... kind of dull. Despite his young age, he's not out clubbing and fucking anything on two legs, in fact, if written canon is to be believed, it's been Lisa and now Jack and that's it. It's one of the things I love about Ianto, he's not a stereotype, which is great. But again, with Ianto, they chose to make his one OMGTRUELOVE relationship a heterosexual one (because there is NO denying that Ianto and Lisa were a big thing. We don't really need any more evidence on that front than the evidence we have, which is that, despite not being an idiot and knowing what she had been turned into, he had to save her. He LOVED her. Lots. End of.) and his kind-of-casual-avant-garde-sexytimes relationship a homosexual one. And there we have yet another one of those little things that, working together create that bigger impression of het-serious/homo-casual. And when you add that, and all the other things that have been dissected to death, to this sort of thing:
"But I don’t think he’d settle down with Ianto. He might do, but he’d let Ianto know that he [Jack] has to play around on the side. If he’d commit to Gwen, however, he knows that he’d have to commit completely."
coming from the guy who plays Jack, it makes me mad. Because there is just no canon to back up this assertion, and so I feel the assertion must be coming from John himself, and that worries me. And on that note, as I've said about Barrowman personally and the way he talks about himself, I feel the portrayal of Jack/Ianto and their "innovations" suffers from that same gay=adventurous-and-wild-and-crazy-and-just-that-little-bit-more-relaxed-and-funner-than-het stereotype that I think attitudes like Russell's and John's about gay relationships help perpetuate.

In the end, no, I've said this before and I'll say it again, every gay character DOES NOT have to be the definitive role model or an acceptable face to the straight world, every gay relationship DOES NOT have to be monogamous and serious, Torchwood DOES NOT have to be an after school special on how gay people are just people, too. BUT... I feel it could do with taking a good long look at itself and the trends in its writing that nobody, not even the token gay representatives like Russell and John, seems to be noticing.

I am hearing good things on the grapevine about Jack/Ianto in series 3, and I hope this post will be proved absolutely wrong by those things. We'll see.


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