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MAY I JUST MENTION FRANKLIN AND BASH AGAIN. Malcolm McDowell is cracking me up.

THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, THIS IS ABOUT WAREHOUSE 13. Now, I hear that it's kind of like what a Torchwood spinoff show called "Ianto's Archiving Adventures" would be like if it were written by those people who wrote Torchwood before RTD remembered it existed and turned it into po-faced drama. Plus, there are ARTIFACTS in it that sound ALMOST AS HILARIOUS AS THE ONES FROM BONEKICKERS. As you can see, I'm sort of toying with the idea of making it My New Show. Except it's not actually on anywhere over here, but I could always aquire DVDs and such. Apart from that, of course, GDL's in this week's episode, in a suit, but I don't know how much I need to know about Warehouse 13 in order to be able to watch it (this is series 3, yeah?) So... a poll is in order, basically, I'd like to know if I should be watching this show, like, regularly, and not just for GDL's pouty mouth. TELL ME.

[Poll #1767021]

Please to be helping me make my decision.
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I'd say it probably involves some revelation about Jack knowing that Ianto's going to die. This may or may not take the form of some random fandom dig, again. That's just my speculation.

I haven't heard the last one yet, to be fair, I'm waiting for a spare 45 mins. Which will shortly become a spare hour and a half and then two fifteen. Damn children.

BTW, If you've heard stuff by the time you read this, feel free (in other words PLEASE) to spoil me in the comments, I'd kind of like to know the reeling Ianto revelations before I listen, I'm not in the mood for new IantoCanon if it's going to be Debenhams-style ShitCanon and I will happily just ignore it.
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Ah, right, okay, look, guys, my friends, I love you all, I really do and I wish you loads of fun and squee and all those things that people do with telly that they're enjoying, but I thought that was AWFUL, and not GOOD AWFUL like Bonekickers, but GOD AWFUL like Outcasts awful.

I seriously, don't know what to do now, because a part of me was kind of hoping I might secretly enjoy it and I really did not. (The fact that that blonde chick's strange strangulated back of the throat and up the nose voice makes me want to pierce my eardrums with knitting needles didn't help, I must admit.) As I predicted, I don't like Gwen or Jack enough to want to find out what happens next. I don't want to piss people off by not liking it and not having any desire to watch any more, but I know I will and so be it. Not liking it in any way, has also made me sadder than I thought it would make me. Fuck.

When CoE happened, I suppose I sort of went over a cliff like Wile E Coyote and now, watching Miracle Day, it's like looking down and only just realising that the ground disappeared way back there.


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I've let my paid account expire. No, it wasn't an accident or anything, I didn't want it anymore. I've ceased enjoying LJ fandom, Torchwood fandom in particular. Warring factions and wank that used to perhaps have the potential to amuse me now just depress me and make me turn the computer off.

I don't want to harsh any buzz or piss off people who are excited about TW New Whatever (sorry, I've forgotten, enlighten me?) so I no longer comment on the posts of people who are excited about it. I don't want to wallow in the misery of those who want Old Torchwood back, because wallowing is pointless and it won't resurrect the embossed car or the underground lair or the dinosaur, so I no longer comment on the posts of people who are wallowing. Mentioning that you miss Ianto makes you an insane bot, so I no longer comment on the posts of those people who, like me, still miss Ianto. I no longer mock those who send coffee because I don't care. I don't really care about any of it anymore. As a first fandom experience goes, it wasn't a great one. Add to that the bits where it got personal and nah, this journal can go belly up for all I care. I've met some lovely people, there's that. And that's quite nice. I suppose meeting lovely people, some that I would consider personal friends, though I don't know what they'd consider me to be, makes the entire experience worthwhile. And it's probably the reason I haven't deleted this journal.

Also, I can't bring myself to delete it because there's pretty pictures of Ianto in it. Quite a few of them. Plus, you know, two months from now I'll probably spam everyone left on my flist with lines and lines of academic Mad Men meta or something.

More likely, it'll be a picspam of Joan's fabulous breasts and arse and all the rest of her.

But yeah, just so you know. Not dead or anything. Just resting.

Edited to add a gif I stole from [livejournal.com profile] cirrocumulus which makes me happy in the face. Don't ask me why.

Also: Peggy/Don, yes, are you with me? I am going there. And I don't even like Don, but still, it could work for me. See! There's the meta coming out already.

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Look, TV GUIDE agrees with me that it's legit. How many times do I have to do an I-told-you-so dance before you people get it? Sheesh.

ANYWAYS, though, my point in posting:

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It's not just that I wouldn't put this sort of thing past Russell, I mean, you know I have a pretty low opinion of the guy, but aside from that fact, I totally think the TW character breakdown is legit. You may feel free to disagree with me, and there's no way we'll know for ages, probably, but for the record, I am on the FOR REALS team. Mark my words. Is real. I'm just saying that now so I can link back to it in 2011 or whenever and point at the pedo thing and laugh.
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CASTING CALL Don't read while drinking a coffee or anything. It's funny. )

My favourite bit, apart from the obvious, is where it doesn't mention aliens or that it's sci-fi, anywhere. At all.

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But how naive are you guys? The show's not going to be about Jack OR Gwen. So stop wanking on about Gwenwood, because it's not happening. Nor is Jackwood.

They will be in it a few times. That's it. It's nothing to do with S1-2 or CoE. And no, there's no Alonso. Duh.

You know that thing thay did with JD and Turkleton? It'll be like that. Except with RTD running the show, so no lols like S1 and 2, but gratuitous kiddie snuff porn instead. I'll pass.


Jun. 7th, 2010 08:03 pm
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I'm sure you're dying for my opinion on the matter, but I seriously don't have one. Feel free to go ask someone who does.

Starz makes Party Down, though, which I am currently watching and which is infinitely more interesting. You should totally be watching that.
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I say I don't want to talk about that show ever again and then they announce FOXWOOD.

I only have one thing to say about that:





Oh God. GOD OH... oh.

Ow, my sides. Oh.

Nah, I've got nothing else. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, though.

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[livejournal.com profile] aviv_b sent me this link:


to an article about the Save Ianto Jones campaign, which is interesting, not for the logic fail of the "100,000 fans" claim, but mostly for the fact that in all of seven comments, already an in-fight has broken out between the various factions of Iantofen.


ETA: I don't know who you are, saucery, but thank you for mentioning ponies. You could have added a link. :P


Dec. 14th, 2009 09:37 am
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Does anyone know what happened to [livejournal.com profile] rivier? Was it something to do with PDFWank? Because lord knows it's made me want to delete myself out of existence to be associated with such an ill-conceived and poorly executed file of fangirly butthurt.

Maybe the whole thing was some sort of masterplan thought up by the whovian fannish elite to weed out those they perceive to be Torchwankers by heaping so much embarrassment squick upon them that they leave fandom forever rather than be tarnished with it? Maybe that was it?

I think it's worked. I was just about to post a load of shizzle about Torchwood, too, but I just can't be fucked anymore. Here, have Sue Sylvester.

Big Bang Theory's on tonight. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
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Has it occurred to anyone that, besides being completely empty rhetoric, all Russell's talk of a possible series 4 of Torchwood could just be yet another cynical ploy to get our hopes up for some sort of resolution re. Jack in the Who Christmas specials? When in fact, events in the Who Christmas specials will rule out a continuation of Torchwood alltogether? I'm angling there at Jack losing his immortality, dying or turning into the Face of Boe. Or something else. You see, I wouldn't put it past the manipulative little shit to play people this way, yet again, possibly in retaliation for the negative crit he got from the hysterical nine for Children of Earth. I think it's ALL bullshit. I don't think he's got a Torchwood Series 4 written or in the pipeline, and if he does, it's A DIFFERENT SHOW, WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE, which he is still hoping to attach the Torchwood name to. Because there IS no future for the Torchwood we know, there's no Hub, no SUV, no Tosh, no Ianto, no Owen, no Myfanwy. Jack is gone, Gwen's having a baby, those are the two facts we're left with and frankly, that's not really an end you can start from.

I'm not a huge fan of the hysterical nine reaction to CoE, as you know. I don't want to campaign for a return of TW or Ianto to TW, because I'm fucking done with it, BUT...

I have to say, I love the fact that the hysterical nine refuse to get over their what-some-might-call butthurt over Children of Earth. Because if nothing else, that means that every time Russell opens his piehole about continuing Torchwood, there, STILL, follow the negative comments and the critique. And that HAS to be a thing that gets noticed by whoever's in charge of letting Russell take this show and do whatever the fuck he wants with it because he CAN. So good on you, hysterical women. Never get over it, you're doing the world a great service.

But yeah, as far as my prediction goes, it's pretty simple, Russell's mouthing off everywhere about TWS4 because he wants to break all the audience records for the regen specials. He wants you to think something significant will happen in those two shows regarding Jack. It won't, he knows it won't, but he's playing you anyway. Don't trust him. I mean, come on people, did you see Waters of Mars? Fucking emo-manpain-bullshit-death-destruction-breaking-the-toys-and-salting-the-earth AGAIN. He's petty like that, don't think for a moment that he's not.


Nov. 15th, 2009 09:25 am
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I went to post a comment somewhere and found I'd been banned from someone's journal. I've never been banned from anyone's journal before, and I quite like the person in question and don't recall ever having had a disagreement with them of any kind. Random defriendings by people who I thought were my actual friends I can deal with, but banning? Wow. Ouch.

Speaking of which, this is kind of where I am at the moment:
  • There's not a lot of joy for me left in Whovian fandom. I'll probably post something later about how much I hated Waters of Mars. I have no desire to watch anything RTD has produced or DT stars in, and I am only just managing to hold on to a scrap of enthusiasm for when Moffat and Smith come in. I hate Russell, I hate everything he's ever written, I think he's awful. His insistence on bringing all this emotional manpain and trauma into these shows that used to just be a joyful experience for me and, in the case of Who, for my kids, has ruined my fannish experience. I want the last three years of my life back, I wish I'd never started watching Torchwood, I wish I'd stopped watching Who. I don't need television that pisses me off and makes me sad, that's not what I watch television for. Fuck you Russell, I hope LA chews you up and spits you out and fucks you in the ass with a pointy stick.

  • Ianto did make me happy for quite a few years, which is why I'm working on a last epic picspam of my favourite teaboy doing shit. I hope to have it done in a week or two.

  • I'm also working on something of a personal project celebrating Torchwood Series One and Two, which I hope to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Or maybe I'll just abandon it.

  • I was hoping to do a Christmas push on the Ianto Jones Wants a Pony campaign, but the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust's continued inability to update me is starting to annoy me a bit, so maybe I'll leave it. After Christmas, I'm done promoting it because I think I've done enough. I'll leave it up, of course.

  • Any takers for [livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy may give me shout here or in PM. I'm putting it up for adoption per January 1st. If there's no-one interested, I'll close it down.

  • Oh, in case you were wondering, no. If there is a new series of Torchwood, I won't be watching it, as I don't really like Gwen, or Jack. I liked Tosh and Ianto and I quite enjoyed disliking Owen. I liked Ianto, I liked Tosh, I liked the Hub, the embossed SUV, the pteranodon, the old ladies, the poodles, the victorian lesbianism, the cyberbikinis and that stupid fucking invisible lift. In fact, I loved all those things. Apparently I loved those things far too much. Those things are all gone, so there's nothing for me to come back to. Not that there will be a new series.

  • It's been really fun, people, but if you've friended me for Torchwood content, please, feel free to defriend me in the coming weeks, I won't be offended. I am completely spent. Done. Thanks, Rusty.

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Okay, so first, I get this HUGE teal deer comment over at Ninja Teaboy about how I'm being derogatory and "rude" about the Save Ianto jones campaign because, wait for it, I referred to the people involved as "kiddoes" in the sentence "those Save Ianto Jones kiddoes are handing out postcards and shit and I feel really lazy," in which I was referring to my own half-arsed approach to the pony campaign, which mostly consists of me shouting "PONIES!" every once in a while and not much else. The comment is promptly deleted and its author has a whine in her journal about how I told her to fuck off, which I did not, and seriously, once again, I get the feeling that my fandom dealings all seem to be with 12-year-olds lately. Grow the fuck up already.

Then this appears at the anon meme (yes, I was trawling the anon meme for gossip from Hub 3 OF WHICH THERE IS NONE, dammit), and IT'S THOSE FUCKING BEARS AGAIN. WHAT THE FUCK IS IT WITH THOSE FUCKING BEARS??? See, for me, it's not even so much the bears, but that strange juxtaposition of these chicks with the bears who I would assume are also the people who write and devour NC17 m/m porn. That combination just does not compute with me.

And then of course, I get a fucking story posted to the Teaboy which is about fucking sentient infant towels?????? What the fuck am I supposed to do with that sort of shit? Am I just supposed to go around telling everyone to piss off out of my comm? Because that's what it's coming to, honestly. I am on the verge of giving up on life.

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Apart from various and assorted personal happenings keeping me off the internets, there's other stuff, too. I'm not feeling the love no more. This, I'm sure, will pass eventually. (And when I say "not feeling the love," what I actually mean is it seems that people are spitting bile at each other again. Maybe I'm having perceptual difficulties.)

I've seen a few people bidding their goodbyes to Torchwood fandom recently and it saddens me in a way, but it does feel like to many people there's a chapter that's ended for good. That's not down to Ianto, specifically, I think there's a general feeling going around that this show died in July and it's not coming back. Incidentally, I really think we'd have heard about renewal by now, dudes. I am somewhat relieved that we haven't, I have no interest in a continuation of Torchwood, I really do think the story's been told and I wouldn't have watched it. As things have settled down I've come to realise that that's not simply because I find Barrowman and Myles to be two of the most tedious people on television, but also simply because I really don't think there's any story left to tell. I don't think I'm the only one.

Anyway, I think I might perform a friendslist cull in a week or two. I've connected with a lot of people through TW, but some our interests seem to be diversifying, guys. Big time. Having said that, I find a lot of your interests interesting. Unless they involve that show with the Wincest, I just don't care about that show in any way, shape or form. I'll be doing some picspams soon (LOL, I say that every week, and it never happens! That's because I'm lazy and easily distracted by life.) and in the meantime I'll just stick with The Big Bang Theory and Glee, two shows that will never fuck me in the arse in quite the way that Torchwood managed to. They make me feel pleasant and safe, and that makes a refreshing change.

I just saw Barrowman playing a banjo and shouting about pigs on CBBC. I have no desire to work out what the hell I was watching, but it was unpleasant.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 04:37 pm
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It's weird how, now that the CoE wangst has died down, the anti-GDL vitriol is slowly seeping its way into TW fandom. I swear, all I've read lately is he's fat and shit and ugly and will never work again. Was there some sort of fannish peer-pressure induced embargo on these opinions? Are they new? Or is karaokegal just really bored recently? (*waves* You know I'm only joking, right?)

Hey, you know what? Yeah, he's a bit porky at the mo, I still reserve the right to say that, but at the end of the day that is just his business and nobody else's. And he's looking scruffy. Again, his choice. And he's choosing some iffy projects. Again, whatever pays the bills. I happen to think he's rather fetching from certain angles, but everyone's mileage may vary on that one. What I don't quite understand is people's fannish investment in his porky/scruffy/b-movie ways. Is it really that important? I get this feeling lately that some people out there are actually personally offended by his choice of wardrobe or indeed film, while others are absolutely relishing the fact that he's looking bloated or taking on a shit project. It's like there's some sort of war waging that I am completely unaware of between the haters who desperately want to see him fail and the uberfans who desperately want him to get his act together and can't stand the fact that he's choosing instead to doss around and do bugger all of value for a bit.

Is this true? Are we fighting? Should I be choosing a side? Can I be Swiss?

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I can't help but notice, reading my spanky new TW novels, that of the set of novels about to come out The Undertaker's Gift, Risk Assessment and Consequences, Consequences doesn't actualy have an author listed and is actually described as "featuring stories by writers for the hit series created by Russell T Davies for BBC Television, including Joseph Lidster and James Moran, plus Andrew Cartmel, David Llewellyn and Sarah Pinborough"

Now, I'd vaguely heard about this, but the inclusion of James Moran is new to me. I know Andrew Cartmel is being bandied around as having written a TW S4 script, but I'm starting to wonder if this story collection isn't just a bunch of abandoned S4 scripts retold in novella length. Anyone know of the story titles or any more info on what the hell is actually in the Consequences collection?

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John Barrowman on season 4: "We gotta get Jack a new piece of ass."


Link to interview, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] forgiveninasong, here.

I don't really have any words left about the way what we were watching has been twisted beyond all recognition by those involved in making it. I really, honestly, just have no words left for this. I am completely talked out about my rage and my incredulity and my whatever else it is I've got that I can't find the words for anymore. I was watching a different show, dudes, a show with respect for the characters and the relationships and the world that was created and the messages that were sent. How did I let that happen? When did that happen? What a fucking joke that was. Ha ha.

It's no wonder I want to buy the man a pony, really. For fuck's sake, he's been through enough shit.


Jul. 28th, 2009 01:02 pm
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So, like I've said, I don't really believe in all this SAVE FERRIS IANTO nonsense, because it's pointless and for me, it's not really Ianto's death, but his reduction from a character to a bit part, a lovesick and ignored appendage of Jack's, and ultimately a plot device in CoE that upset me.

But then there's this community: Fans For Ianto which is... strangely sweet. Sweet to the point of moving me to tears somehow. No, really. I'm behind this sort of thing. I like the sentiment. We're all just a bunch of people typing at the end of the day, but yeah, a bunch of people nonetheless. We're not fucking insane or overentitled, we're just fucking people. I might even post to this community. Even though I don't want Ianto back. At least, not if that means RTD ever gets his mitts on him again. But yeah. I like this.

Needs moar boys.

ETA: Yeah, so I posted to this community, it's awaiting moderation. The reason I did it is because it had this vibe to it, like, you know one of those climactic scenes in an 80's John Hughes flick where one by one everyone in the cafeteria stands up and says "I'm Spartacus" or whatever it is they do in those films, that kind of "Oh captain my captain" thing? It feels like that to me, this kind THIS IS US thing, which is REALLY TWEE, I know, but for some reason it made me happier about what's happened and how I've been feeling about it, and especially that RTD thing about fans and how we're just nothing and fuck you I'll do what I want to. Fuck him. I just wanted to say that somehow and now I've said it. It would be nice if the WHOLE OF FANDOM would go there and say it, and I know that won't happen, but still, it's the thought that counts. Ramble over.


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