Sep. 24th, 2011 07:34 pm
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It's MATTURDAY! As much as I love Eleven/Craig because it's beautiful, part of me just sort of wishes it was next week already.

(No, that's not because of that whole outfit that Rory has going on next week. Well, no, okay, maybe it is. A bit. Those specs turned me, I tell you.)

I think it's because I want fucking CLOSURE on this storyline already. As much as I've enjoyed this season, I kind of want it to be over, just so I can KNOW whether or not I need to be angry about it or whether my fears are totally misplaced and Moff's got it all under control. I JUST NEED TO KNOW NOW WHETHER OR NOT I AM ENRAGED.
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Oh jeez, it just gets better and better, dudes.

*watches Confidential*
Wait... ummm... are they fucking? I'm not big on the RPF or anything, but I do love gossip.

They totally are or have been fucking.

Yeah, alright, soon I shall start posting things that are not three lines of nonsense and vague squee.


Apr. 3rd, 2010 08:56 pm
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Oh, I went to check my flist for Whovian love, only to realise I'd accidentally bahleeted my journal while trying to do something else this morning. That was hella scary people, hold me.

THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME. Oh, you sexy, sexy, sexy thing. Need Eleventy icons, peeps. Must go.

No, that's not me saying Smith is a sexy thing. It's like a quote. About a sexy thing.
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...welcome our new, smiling overlord.

Look at them. All... happy. May I just express my fervent hope at this junction that Moffat will STEP AWAY FROM THE FUCKING IMMORTAL MAN!PAIN already, stop with the fucking-over of companions and the constant fucking emo and hypocrisy from the Doctor and BRING SOME FUCKING JOY BACK INTO THIS 'VERSE BEFORE PEOPLE START KILLING THEMSELVES?

That is all.

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Random questions that have been on my mind lately:

  • Why do fanfic writers write to prompts and challenges and such? If you need a prompt, isn't that already a basic signal that there's something up with your creative juices? (I'm not being shitty here, I genuinely want to know why people do this.) Also, am I the only person who more or less assumes, upon reading the words "prompt table" that a fic will be on the mediocre-to-shite end of the spectrum? Also, why do people throw "plot bunnies" at each other? If you couldn't write it yourself, isn't that more or less a hint that the idea, in and of itself, doesn't have legs? And why are they called "plot bunnies" and am I the only peron who reads those two words and wants to kill?

  • Who are the Jantomafia? Where do they hang out? I hear talk of them a lot. Are they like the Barrowmafia? I mean, I know I've met one or two people who are quite vehemently pro-Jack/Ianto (I can't even bring myself to write the smooshphrase more than once), but would those people automatically be in said mafia? Or is there like a membership thing? Am I on their shitlist for saying I think it would be a logical progression for the characters and make for more interesting telvision if they split up? Do they even have a shitlist? No, seriously, where do they hang out?

  • Spoiler for Torchwood? )

  • Part of me kind of likes [livejournal.com profile] theemptywriter, first of all because I think it's good that people get all this anti-Moffat sentiment out now, years before his episodes hit the screen, and I know the whole thing will run out of steam by then. Secondly because I love watching five people constantly telling each other how right they are to hate someone for no real reason. And also because they're all twelve. And love Rose. There's something really cute about them that makes me want to pinch their cheeks and punch them in the face in equal measure.

  • I want to pimp [livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy around the houses again, but I don't really have a legitimate reason for doing so. I'd issue a fic challenge if it weren't for point one up there. And, really, I'm wondering if perhaps less is more when it comes to membership. But on the other hand, I've read some good stuff that I'd love people to post there, but I've been too busy to comment and say "Hey! Bring this over to my pool, I like it." Am torn. Need quality input. Have no idea how to achieve it. Grrr.

  • Shitty photomanips are shitty. Maybe I should take up making them myself? Just for luls? If I did, would people come into my journal and go "Whew! Hawt!!!" Because otherwise I'm not doing it.
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She's not Rose, she's not Jenny, she's not the Rani, she's not Romana. River Song is the Doctor's wife from the future. She's going to die in the next episode. He will spend all that time with her, doing all that funstuff in her diary, knowing precisely how and when she will inevitably die.

Paradoxes, inevitability, fate, curse of a Time Lord... Jesus Christ to hear fandom talking you'd think they'd never seen a Moffat episode before.

EDITED TO ADD SOMETHING I POSTED IN THE COMMENTS: I don't understand what everyone's so worked up about, she's not the next companion, she's his lover/wife from some point in the future. We'll more than likely never see her again. It's about time travel and the weirdness involved. It's about the Doctor losing the woman he loves, BEFORE HE LOVES HER. It's about her dying in the arms of a man WHO DOESN'T LOVE HER YET. It's a timey-wimey Moffat story, nothing more.

Moffat's apparent fascination with the mechanics of time travel make me tremendously excited about his tenure as boss. I think if Moffat does go for any sort of overriding story arc, it will be far more clever than Rusty's namechecking "Torchwood" every bloody episode, and will probably deal with the same themes he seems so fond of, fixed history, inevitability of events, consequences of past and future actions. I'm excited about Moffat, really I am.

Mad Larry

Jun. 2nd, 2008 04:07 pm
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I don't really know much about Lawrence Miles, and just as I was about to sit down and actually read his blog which I skip-read yesterday, HIS ENTIRE BEING SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE INTERNETS.

This makes me sad because I wanted to read his Space Library script. Anyone saved it???

Anyway, like I said his blog was a bit tl;dr, but I seem to remember the gist being that Steven Moffat made Larry an alcoholic, the Whovian powers that be point and laugh at Larry a lot and Neil Gaiman, who got namechecked for NO APPARENT REASON is, according to Larry "a stinking parasite who'll sink to any depths in his quest to make goth-girls cop off with him". Yah, I managed to save that quote for slanderous luls. And Moffat has some sort of sekrit evol Scottish powers or something.

What I DO remember, and it's something I've read elsewhere as well, is Larry's critique of Silence in the Library, which seemed to boil down to "OMG he puts a kid in to appeal to the kiddies and he puts in innuendo to appeal to the adults and he puts in geekspeak to appeal to the nerds, HOW FUCKING WRONG AND EVIL IS THAT???"

Seriously, though, what the FUCK is wrong with that? I see Moffat getting slated a lot for appealing to a wide audience, and I just don't get it. Moffat is clever enough to write in a way that appeals to damn near everybody. Fuck, man, did I miss a meeting somewhere, surely that's FUCKING GREAT. Isn't it?

ETA: Oh, he's back. Must have just been the silly conspiracy theorist in me thinking Gaiman had him offed or something.


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