Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:01 am
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I am not down with this infantilisation of Sheldon Cooper thing that seems to be going on lately. I was just latching wholeheartedly onto the idea that Sheldon is asexual, which is a great cool thing I never see on my telly, but the implications that he's simply asexual because he's a fucking child don't sit well with me. DAMN YOU, BIG BANG THEORY, it was going so well between you and me.

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A POLL. As I have officially declared I am changing my layout for the new year, these are the choices. As you have to look at it as well, you may express an opinion.

[Poll #1500115]

Please take note that your opinion will probably be ignored and I'll go with Kwipke. Except there are no good pictures of Kwipke because of the aforementioned everyone hating him thing. But it does mean I could sneak in a Sheldon somewhere. Just... because I want to. No other reason.


Dec. 14th, 2009 09:37 am
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Does anyone know what happened to [ profile] rivier? Was it something to do with PDFWank? Because lord knows it's made me want to delete myself out of existence to be associated with such an ill-conceived and poorly executed file of fangirly butthurt.

Maybe the whole thing was some sort of masterplan thought up by the whovian fannish elite to weed out those they perceive to be Torchwankers by heaping so much embarrassment squick upon them that they leave fandom forever rather than be tarnished with it? Maybe that was it?

I think it's worked. I was just about to post a load of shizzle about Torchwood, too, but I just can't be fucked anymore. Here, have Sue Sylvester.

Big Bang Theory's on tonight. Nothing can possibly go wrong.


Nov. 12th, 2009 04:59 pm
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So Dollhouse has been cancelled. No real surprise there. Oh well.

Anyway, whenever I feel vaguely grumpy or down lately, I look at this picture:

Works like a charm every time.
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I just joined [ profile] sheldon_penny.

ETA: And made this icon. Gah.


May. 6th, 2009 10:48 am
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  • I wasn't ever really serious, initially anyway, but eventually I did actually briefly find myself pondering the morals of creating a sock to infiltrate what's-her-face's friendslocked Torchwood photoshoppery. I came to the conclusion that while I believe it's no more morally wrong to do such a thing than it is to paste real life actors' faces onto gay porn stills, the balance was swayed against doing it because a)it would involve me actually putting in some effort into searching out pornographic photomanips, and I despise photomanips, especially pornographic ones, so that didn't really make any logical sense to me and b)I couldn't really work out what I'd do with them once I got there because obviously they're f-locked and all I could really do would be to laugh at them on my own, or repost them here, which would be a wanky thing to do and of course c)thankfully, [ profile] used_songs sent me a bunch of links to some freely available doozies. Of which more laters.

  • Everyone's moving to Dreamwidth now? I have no idea why people are doing this, a few people on my flist seem to be involved with the thing, but nobody seems to have ever really taken the time to adequately explain to anyone what the point to the whole thing is, and so the whole Dreamwidth experience feels like some huge meeting that I somehow managed entirely to miss. Rather like Twitter. Having said that, does anyone have a Dreamwidth code going spare that they could PM me? Also, I tried to set up a main account there, just so I could pretend to play with the cool kids, but my PSP just shows a bunch of empty boxes with no clue as to what they're for, so I don't know how to import my LJ into it, nor do I think I can be bothered to find out, I'm busy enough as it is without having to sit behind my laptop and actually do computer things. But anyway, I'd like another code if there is one because I'd like to set up a secondary account as well, just to stake my claim and that. Not that it really matters. Can you sense my ennui filtering through in this post yet? Yeah, that's basically how I feel about life at the moment.

  • As you've probably noticed, I've dropped out of TW fandom pretty much lately, not because I hate it, but the wait for S3 is really getting on my nerves and frankly I have nothing more to say on the subject of that cracky show until I've seen something new. And I'm too busy watching and ENJOYING Dollhouse (yeah, so sue me, I like it) and, embarrassingly, kind of obsessing a little bit about watching The Big Bang Theory and maybe actually shipping Sheldon/Penny. Shenny? Pendon? I don't know, I don't move in those circles, as much as I might be tempted to. While we wait, though... Moar TW spoilers? )

  • Anyway, back on the topic of naked men.SHIELD YOUR EYES! )

That's it from me. Move along.


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