Jul. 8th, 2014 09:21 pm
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I don't know, I found it somewhere and it made me laugh.

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Peggy licking her lips at Skinny Steve will never cease to fill me with glee. THEIR LOVE. Did not require massive pecs, though she did, admittedly, consider them a bonus.

ANYWAY, yeah, so, Peggy. Steve did not introduce Peggy to anyone other than the 6 Howling Commandos. However many people were involved in Steve's traipse around Europe taking down Hydra, those 6 guys were the only ones that Steve specifically handpicked for the job, and Steve and Peggy's pre-freeze history isn't really all that extensive. I think it's therefore a given that when Peggy says she met her husband through Steve, we are being told that Peggy married one of the Howling Commandos. Which is Gabe.

Yeah, see canonically Peggy ends up with Gabe, albeit after a weirdly dickish move whereby Cap dumps her for Sharon. To me, comics aside, Gabe seems like the obvious choice anyway, as an apparently very well educated black man in the pre war era, he's certainly got the plucky, tenacious underdog thing going for him that Peggy obviously digs in a guy. And let's face it, she's hardly gonna marry Dum Dum, is she?

Yeah, so they're an interracial couple, which would fit totally with the movie Peggy that we know who doesn't really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about anything. I reckon the Gabe thing is therefore more or less inevitable. And hawt.

Speaking of interracial couples, it seems unlikely to me that Gabe would be Triplett's grandfather, which seems to be the default assumption because: black. It's the assumption I also naturally made for the same reason and because Trip is awesome and Gabe, in my mind, is the best of all of them (he spoke languages, that's my entire reasoning really, I like an educated man) and to a certain extent the only HC I am interested in apart from maybe Dum Dum because Dum Dum is also awesome. I don't think the movies are going to go with the immense amount of partner-hopping that happens in the comics, and therefore the Gabe/Peggy thing would probably be permanent, and imply that Peggy is Trip's grandmother, which she isn't. I think it's more likely that Jacques is Trip's grandfather, hence Trip's strangely French name, Antoine.

In short: Gabe Jones and Howard Stark will be in Agent Carter, making it the most awesome show on television.

Speaking of partner-hopping: The kids were watching The Next Avengers dvd, the Next Avengers being a kiddie team of Avenger-related children, led by the son of Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, whose name is (yeah, come on, what else would Steve's kid be called) James Rogers. Now I thought there was no paperwork to back that ship up, especially given Natasha's extremely long (not just by comic book standards) relationship with Bucky, but apparently I was wrong on that one. You live and learn.

PEGGY !!!!!

May. 9th, 2014 01:07 pm
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OMG AGENT CARTER IS ON, BABY. I am so gleeful right now. Oh, yeah, and SHIELD, too, but that was pretty much in the bag. Kill Ward, plz. Put Tripp in. Put Tripp's granddad in Agent Carter. And boom, my life will be complete.

But Peggy, dudes. Peggy is coming.

Flawless, thirsty sex predator Peggy.

Shooty Peggy.

Peggy's boobs.

Peggy, who made sure Steve wore the tights in that relationship while she went commando.

In, short, my feels right now:


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I've been frequenting the internets slightly more lately than in recent years, and I have come to the conclusion that it will only be another five to seven years before ALL INTERNET COMMUNICATION shall be undertaken entirely through the medium of the animated gif. And when that day comes, the gifmakers shall rule the world.

This gifmaker ALREADY rules MY world, but that is entirely beside the point:

Addendum to the above prediction: at least ten percent of all the animated gifs that will exist when that magical time shall come to pass will feature Chris Evans in some way, shape or form. I will not be complaining about this.

Ah yes...

Apr. 22nd, 2014 11:23 am
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In order to achieve a 1940's handpainted vibe, I am painting it by hand. I often fancy myself having the l33t skillz of a 1940's signpainter. Time will tell if this is just hilarious hubris on my part.


I fear it may well be. On va voir, dudes, on va voir.


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