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Nah, actually, they're more sort of random thoughts on the Who finale.

Spoilers, sweetie )
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I will downloads it for you! You loves that wacky show.

I'm finding it very hard to explain, both on this here internets and at home, all the reasons why I'm not interested in Torchwood: Miracle Day. And I don't like pissing in people's chips, either, so I'm not going to rant and rave about how much I don't care about watching it, the truth is I don't really care enough either way to even be vehement about it, and if it gets downloaded for me (lol, seriously, I still don't know how that torrent shizzle works, I am ignorant in these matters and just write things on post its and stick them to his screen), I'll probably give it a go. My main problem at the moment is that all the things that people are now, having seen screeners and such, so very excited about, sound awful to me. Seriously, the more I hear about it, the worse it sounds. But that's just me and YMMV and such.

But, I am the Torchwood prophet, of course, so here's your 100% God's honest TRUTH, it's not even a hunch or prediction, this one, but I guess you could call it spoilers, what with it being an ACTUAL THING THAT WILL HAPPEN, and it's this:


Also, I am becoming increasingly worried that the whole Amy/Rory/Melody storyline in Who will be handwaved away entirely, and was, in fact, resolved when River said that stuff about the Doctor finding her and taking care of her and not to worry about it. Am I alone in this?
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It's not just that I wouldn't put this sort of thing past Russell, I mean, you know I have a pretty low opinion of the guy, but aside from that fact, I totally think the TW character breakdown is legit. You may feel free to disagree with me, and there's no way we'll know for ages, probably, but for the record, I am on the FOR REALS team. Mark my words. Is real. I'm just saying that now so I can link back to it in 2011 or whenever and point at the pedo thing and laugh.
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CASTING CALL Don't read while drinking a coffee or anything. It's funny. )

My favourite bit, apart from the obvious, is where it doesn't mention aliens or that it's sci-fi, anywhere. At all.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 09:06 pm
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Because everyone's apparently doing it, and I do like to take the mystery out of these sorts of things: A plot synopsis of End Of Time, part 1 was posted on the interwebs and then taken down again. Google cache, as always, is my friend, so if you want to know what happens, do read on, this is copypasted from there. I'm sure that's not legal, but there you go, everyone else is being all mysterious about it, but I can't be bothered to do that. (If you want to find it, use google cache and look for this: http://www.virginmedia.com/tvradio/cult-tv/spoilers/doctor-who-the-end-of-time.php) Or read on after the cut. These are those spoilers everyone's wanking on about.

SPOILERS AND PLOT FOR END OF TIME PART ONE, I'M SERIOUS. Hang on for some festive funtiems! )

Anyway, yeah. I guess I have to watch it, right? It's Christmas, after all.

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Spoiler discussion for Rusty Davies's specials )

Having said that, the kid still loves his Who and its related paraphernalia, so I made him some furniture related bits:
( Follow the fake cut to my other journal for the kiddie's Who bedroom stuff )

That is all.


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