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He really does love her, doesn't he? How is he going to cope with Martha? What's he going to doooooo?

It's just this bit here ) that makes me laugh so.
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I made this [livejournal.com profile] rose_goes.
Join me. You know you want to.


May. 17th, 2006 08:54 am
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This sort of thing annoys me on many, many levels:

(And it's not because of the blue light = weasel thing that we weren't going to do anymore, remember BBC?)

It's been reasonably well established by now that this sort of scene really paints a pretty bad picture of team Ten'n'Rose as smug, insular, exclusionist and generally cliquey and annoying. And that is a bad thing. What bugs me about it though, is the reason it's there in the first place. There have been scenes like this before, where the Doctor and Rose reminisce about some superfun adventure we haven't had the privilege of witnessing, and they really, really grate on me. They are obviously written to convey a closeness and a shared history that is supposed to make us understand and forgive them their cliqueyness and insularity. For some reason though, all scenes like this do for me is remind me that, apart from all the superfun and dangerous adventures we've witnessed with Doc'n'Rose, where no one ever had enough downtime to have a conversation about, say, other companions, or regeneration, or being able to use a time machine to go see Ian Dury, there have been quite liderally dozens upon dozens more superfun and dangerous adventures we haven't seen where no one ever had enough downtime to mention regeneration, companions, the G word that shall not be mentioned, children, grandchildren, UNIT, cybermen, daleks etc etc blah blah blah. And that grates, because suddenly, here, we do have enough downtime to annoy Mickey with tales of whatever the hell they were talking about (which I can't remember, something about some woman who went all freaky deaky, and no I'm not watching the episode again to find out, because I'm not ever watching this episode again full stop), but apparently that sort of relaxy conversation only ever happens when there are other people in the room/TARDIS, leading me to believe that when it's just the Doctor and Rose and no one else, they spend what little relaxy downtime they have gushing about how great they are together, and individually, and talking of little else (see also the opening scene of New Earth). Or she wouldn't be so clueless about his life. Would she? If she's so goddamned special, why doesn't he tell her stuff? Am I missing something?

I know I'm probably just being overly analytical because I h8 Rose.
Either that or I h8 Rose because I have become overly analytical.
I can't work out which.

Oh Rose

May. 12th, 2006 12:51 pm
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First dinner lady

and now this

Servile much?
Rose is making me laugh again now, I shall leave the h8 for another day.
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Billie's female Doctor would have a BRANE...

She is fuelling my Rose!h8 with Billie!h8 now. Please stop, Billie, I have an entire series to get through with you, and I'm afraid there might even be mild shippery in it. Stop making me h8 you.

LOL at "I know exactly how I would play her – she would be crafty in a clever kind of way.” I've personally always thought the Doctor should be clever, but in a crafty kind of way.

But anyways, yeah: "The show's writer Russell T Davies is reported by the Daily Star as saying that he would be happy to give Piper the role if it wasn't for the fact that he is so gay for David Tennant he can't even think with his brain anymore, like ever, even when he's just making toast or a cup of tea or something." I think that's what it says anyways.

Rose h8

May. 10th, 2006 02:55 pm
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Am I the only one who really didn't care about Rose's emo tear? Or am I just such a Rose h8er?
I didn't even use to h8 Rose so much with Nine, though I could never quite work out if he thought she was his mummy or his daughter, what with all his needy needy angst and general neediness. But it seemed kind of logical that he wanted her around, even if she is a bit of a chav. But with Ten I'm not even getting why he doesn't just boot her out the door. What is she doing for him, apart from her increasingly perkier and perkier breasts I'm just not quite getting why she's there. WTF???

Okay, maybe I do care about Rose's emo tear, but only in as much as it made me go "There you go, see he was lying to you that time about the not you thing, you retard. He lies a lot." It must just be that since SR I see her as a complete and utter moron re her surprise that he travelled with anyone, like ever, in some 900 years (or however many float your fandom). No, Rose, he's been saving it up for you for all that time, cause you really are so unbelieveably speshul. In a way I guess we're supposed to be feeling a bit sorry for her, because Nine made her feel that speshul way because of all his needy dead Time Lord angst, and now she's all hurted. Or something. I guess I'm just not feeling it.

I did a little smirk at her emo tear. I am teh evil.


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