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Allright, allright, I did say I was going to do a picspam of the MOST AWESOME THING IN THE WORLD, and while I may have said that SIX BLOODY MONTHS AGO, that doesn't mean it's not on the cards RIGHT BLOODY NOW. I present to you Part One of a Multi-Part series in which I picspam the most awesome thing in the world, the title of which kind of gives away what that most awesome thing might be. It is called:

And that was that for Series One of Torchwood, and Ianto's phonesex shenanigans.

Stay tuned for part two, in which there is INVISIPHONE! and PRETENDSARCASTICPHONE! and MUCH, MUCH MORE. And also, let's face it, there's a wee bit more of Ianto to love in Series 2. Just sayin'.


Nov. 15th, 2009 09:25 am
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I went to post a comment somewhere and found I'd been banned from someone's journal. I've never been banned from anyone's journal before, and I quite like the person in question and don't recall ever having had a disagreement with them of any kind. Random defriendings by people who I thought were my actual friends I can deal with, but banning? Wow. Ouch.

Speaking of which, this is kind of where I am at the moment:
  • There's not a lot of joy for me left in Whovian fandom. I'll probably post something later about how much I hated Waters of Mars. I have no desire to watch anything RTD has produced or DT stars in, and I am only just managing to hold on to a scrap of enthusiasm for when Moffat and Smith come in. I hate Russell, I hate everything he's ever written, I think he's awful. His insistence on bringing all this emotional manpain and trauma into these shows that used to just be a joyful experience for me and, in the case of Who, for my kids, has ruined my fannish experience. I want the last three years of my life back, I wish I'd never started watching Torchwood, I wish I'd stopped watching Who. I don't need television that pisses me off and makes me sad, that's not what I watch television for. Fuck you Russell, I hope LA chews you up and spits you out and fucks you in the ass with a pointy stick.

  • Ianto did make me happy for quite a few years, which is why I'm working on a last epic picspam of my favourite teaboy doing shit. I hope to have it done in a week or two.

  • I'm also working on something of a personal project celebrating Torchwood Series One and Two, which I hope to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Or maybe I'll just abandon it.

  • I was hoping to do a Christmas push on the Ianto Jones Wants a Pony campaign, but the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust's continued inability to update me is starting to annoy me a bit, so maybe I'll leave it. After Christmas, I'm done promoting it because I think I've done enough. I'll leave it up, of course.

  • Any takers for [livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy may give me shout here or in PM. I'm putting it up for adoption per January 1st. If there's no-one interested, I'll close it down.

  • Oh, in case you were wondering, no. If there is a new series of Torchwood, I won't be watching it, as I don't really like Gwen, or Jack. I liked Tosh and Ianto and I quite enjoyed disliking Owen. I liked Ianto, I liked Tosh, I liked the Hub, the embossed SUV, the pteranodon, the old ladies, the poodles, the victorian lesbianism, the cyberbikinis and that stupid fucking invisible lift. In fact, I loved all those things. Apparently I loved those things far too much. Those things are all gone, so there's nothing for me to come back to. Not that there will be a new series.

  • It's been really fun, people, but if you've friended me for Torchwood content, please, feel free to defriend me in the coming weeks, I won't be offended. I am completely spent. Done. Thanks, Rusty.


Dec. 29th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Blech... my gran came over for Christmas dinner and gave us all a rotten flu, which is now ebbing away and turning into a rotten cold. I FEEL LIKE CRAP. Am slowly returning to the land of the living. I owe some people some pm's and I'll do that later, I promise.

[livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy passed the 200 members level just after Christmas, soo woo and indeed yay on that front. I shall devote more time to it in the new year and actually Do Stuff.

Oh, and thank you to my three month paid time benefactor, [livejournal.com profile] the_annexe, I've never actually had any LJ things off anyone before and that made me feel quite jolly inside.

PLEASE BE POSTING PICS FROM GARETH'S GIG THE OTHER DAY, MY PIE SENSES SEEM TO BE TINGLING A BIT. Or maybe he's just lost his Hollywood tan. And, no, don't start on me, bitches, the pie thing will never get old, honestly.

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Gratuitous Gareth picspam masquerading as pie update )

Last note of non-connected noteworthyness, this is [livejournal.com profile] griggharris' signed picture:

IT IRKS ME, that NOBODY at the BBC has, in the past year, taken it upon themselves to edit the shadows of the other cast member's coats out of these individual promo shots that they cut out of the group shot. IT'S LAZY AND STUPID AND WOULD ONLY TAKE TEN MINUTES IN PHOTOSHOP FFS! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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As I was the one who first put the words "Gareth" and "pie" together in a sentence, I feel the onus is on me to keep abreast of the pie situation. So, bearing in mind the upcoming Who episodes, and the fact that they were filmed three months ago, I thought it would be good to analyse Gareth's pie status at the present time so we all don't get too depressed about his jawline while we watch the Who finale. Some people mentioned that he didn't look like he was laying off the pies last weekend at Abergavenny and TJ's or wherever it was he played. I refute that, and I bring picspam to prove it. Most pictures are by [livejournal.com profile] jades_shadow and nicked from [livejournal.com profile] ianto_daily, and one or two are by Spaceygal (I don't know if she has a Livejournal) from doctorwhoforum.


Perusing [livejournal.com profile] ianto_daily, I came across a comment by one of its users that said "The dopey hat is growing on me". This made me lol a bit, but there's a serious point to be made there, just in general, which is that should you decide to go with a "look", you should just persevere with it like Gareth has. Fuck what other people say, stick with it and eventually your dopey hat will grow on people. It's an important life lesson, I feel.

One more gratuitous picture )

ETA AGAIN: AH... he's signed with Marsters' agent, has he? What a fucking suprise.


Mar. 18th, 2008 08:26 am
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I love the fandom divide I've created ALL BY MYSELF. See, when I say Gareth has EATEN PIES, I am, of course, referring to pies of the steak and kidney and/or chicken and mushroom variety. I love how people read it as fruit-based pastry snacks. YOU'RE GIVING YOURSELVES AWAY AS YANKS, YEAH?

This will be my final word on the subject. It's just a term of endearment, he's lovely, and furthermore there were NO PIES in evidence in FOOTR, apart from that little muffin top/beer belly thing in the last scene which was really just cute and made me want to bite it. AND IF YOU'RE OFFENDED BY MY ASSERTION THAT GARETH HAS EATEN ALL THE PIES, I know who you are, people, I only mock, SWEETLY, because I love. And possibly, YOU MIGHT JUST BE MISSING A BRITGLISH NUANCE HERE, HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?

I reserve the right to mention the words Gareth and Pies in a sentence as much as I bloody want.
*sexes Ianto, PIES AND ALL*

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Now, now, now, now, now, let's not all go crazy here, maybe we can focus on the POSITIVES of this piss-poor excuse for an episode, yes?

Is it really spoilers if it just says THAT WAS SHIT? )

Don't let PJ Hammond near my big gay show again. That is all. Oh, and, lol, Ianto doesn't check the weather report and carry a brolly? DO ME A FAVOUR, THE BOY'S NEVER BEEN CAUGHT IN THE RAIN IN HIS LIFE. He takes his clothes far too seriously for that.

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Thank everyone for jumping into my debate/ramblings about Jack/Ianto, just a point or two to clarify and summarise:

  • I don't have a problem with Gwen, or Jack being in love with or loving Gwen. I don't think it detracts from his relationship with Ianto and I don't think Ianto is some poor naive lamb who is hurt by Jack looking at or loving other people. I'm pretty sure Ianto realises that getting involved with Jack could mean entering into a polyamorous relationship, and I assume that in entering into a relationship with Jack, Ianto accepts that. I've never thought of Ianto as naive or stupid. He knows what he's doing.

  • The problem I do have, is in the fact that they are SHOWING us Jack MOONING over Gwen, and they are showing us ABSOLUTELY NO MOONING over Ianto. In doing that, whilst slowly showing us that Ianto is PRETTY DAMNED IN LOVE (The speech in Adam, the coming out scene this episode, Ianto is getting pretty invested into this relationship, if you hadn't noticed), they're not showing ANY OF THE SAME from Jack. Now Jack already is Ianto's boss, he's older than Ianto, and, this being Ianto's first guy-guy thing, Jack is VASTLY MORE EXPERIENCED as well. As they start to show us how emotionally involved Ianto is, with no reciprocation on that level from Jack, the relationship becomes more and more uncomfortable to watch because the power is starting to shift towards Jack so heavily. Harassment. I had this issue with them in season 1, as well. That niggling feeling I couldn't quite shift that Jack was manipulating Ianto with sex, because Jack figured it would be advantageous to redirect Ianto's obviously passionate loyalties towards Jack, by means of his magickal futuristic cock.

  • Or, to put it another way, and quote one of the commenters on the previous post: "isn't sleeping with someone who has way deep emotional feelings for you, which you clearly don't reciprocate as intensely, still pretty icky?" No matter which way you look at it, yeah, that's a little bit icky.

  • And to quote myself, another general niggle I have is this: The playing up of their sex games is starting to detract from any possible hints of depth to the relationship and is distracting me to the point of annoyance. Jokes are one thing, kink is fine, but you can take things too far, and that point has more or less been reached, unless you give me some depth to balance it out.

  • On a seperate note, I have never once said Gareth David-Lloyd is fat. I've been making pie jokes for a few weeks, because he's obviously gained a few pounds and he's one of those people unfortunate enough to have any weight gain, no matter how slight, show up around the face area, so he needs to watch himself. I only say it out of love and I would still happily FUCK HIM UNTIL HE BREAKS. Just to make that clear.

  • I do have a serious observation to make about Jack's implied attitude of fucking the men and marrying the women, but I'll probably save it for [livejournal.com profile] torch_wood or [livejournal.com profile] torchwood_meta or something, because it's something that seems to be becoming an issue with a lot of people.

Thank you all for listening.
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I'm sorry. I'll stop making fat jokes about Ianto. Or, at least, I shall attempt to go an entire week without making any lard related comments whatsoever. He's lovely. And there's plenty of him to go round.

That wasn't a fat joke, honest. Now, if I'd said "there's plenty of him to go round. And round. And round," that would have been a fat joke. See the difference?

As you were.

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Right. I don't even think I am going to bother this week, just some minor points:

  • I swear, if they EVER put THIS MUCH OWEN into an episode again, I am going to kill myself. AAARGHGHGHGH!!!! I don't care about his anguish.

  • What was the point in having Martha in these last two episodes? Srsly?

  • Ianto does canon things with coffee, which was good, we like to see our fanon backed up with FACT. BUT he was wearing a disturbingly FAT tie.

  • And... speaking of fat, I think I mentioned the words "Gareth" and "pies" together in a sentence once already, so I won't even bother mentioning it again, he looks alright again now, but somewhere along the line there was a serious binge going on, boy. Stop.



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