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  • I've said in a few places that if MTV really do remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I will shoot myself in the face, but now I'm suddenly thinking "Hey, what if they got Neil Patrick Harris as Riff Raff, that might work." I fail at righteous indignation.

  • Confused question: I watched Dr Horrible many, many times somehow convinced that Captain Hammer was holding the death ray the wrong way round and hence the explosion. I realise now he wasn't. Why did it asplode, dudes?


Jul. 17th, 2008 09:02 am
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You are all watching Dr. Horrible, right? I mean, because if you're not, you really sort of should be.

Just sayin'.

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Yet another trailer for this week's WHO.

Ianto gets first kissings, that's good, yeah? Though I'd like Ianto to have piped up to Gwen and said "they're freaking Daleks, it's their catchphrase, RTFM, bint", because surely, it's not like it wouldn't be well documented even in TW3 the whole Cybermans and Daleks debacle at TW Towers, right?

Observery and speculatory observation: it's about Daleks fighting EACH OTHER in some way, right? I mean Khan's and Davros' lot. Surely? Or not? I don't know, this seems somehow plausible to me.

Watch the trailer for more gratuitous Luke than you can shake a stick at. I shouldn't be excited by one so young.

ETA: ALSO: Should I be excited by the prospect of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Because I kind of am, but I'm not quite sure why.


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