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First off, let me clarify the point I was trying to make in my last post (apart from the LOVEME! pic, that's just a picture I was mocking HARD.)

These icons (I don't know these two people, and I don't think I've ever ventured near their fic) tell me something:

What they tell me is that the people they belong to don't give a toss about aspect ratio. Or clarity. Or legibility. It tells me these people pay precious little attention to finer details and aesthetics. And as such, they put me off reading those users' fics. Because I assume that they also pay no attention to detail in their fic, don't care much for spelling or punctuation or characterisation. Care more about quickly and dirtily getting a basic point across and don't really put much thought into honing that point so that we can all share in its wonderfulness. I judge people on their icons. And yes, that probably makes me a bitch, but it comes back to that basic Nice thing we're all supposed to do when we say to ourselves "Aww, poor diddums, they probably put a lot of work into that icon, we should leave them be." No. Just because you've put a lot of work in, doesn't mean it's not shit. And the same goes for fanfiction. It's one of the reasons I hate lengthy author's notes. I don't want to know what your inspiration was, or how long it took you or how many beta readers you had who still managed to ignore basic grammar mistakes, I just care about the finished product. If it's good, it's good, if it's shit, it's shit. End of story.



A few things. Gwen's in the middle because the other two are significantly taller. Putting Jack in the middle would require raising both Ianto and Gwen up to a higher level to balance out the picture, and I think they probably tried it, but the end result would more than likely have caused anyone looking at it to remark "Why is Jack a midget?". Or they would have had to put Jack higher than the other two, resulting in midget Ianto. Why Gwen is waving two guns IN THEIR FAYCES, I do not know. But from a design point of view, the picture makes sense to me, and I don't think it's part of AN AGENDA of any kind. Having said that, it looks like it was a leftover from a novel shoot, and the smokey effects are cheap and nasty and yet again, it's a pathetic excuse for promotional material, I don't think there actually IS a design person working on Torchwood, I think it's something they got an apprentice in for or something, their pics are uniformly awful. In fact, the misty photoshop filters on this one tell me that the person doing Torchwood's promotional material is probably also the person who made this:

And if any of you reading don't know what the bottom half of that manip looks like, then you should count yourselves very lucky indeed. I was thinking of cropping it in such a way that left just a wee bit of cock poking up into the bottom of the frame, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. But look, the style's very similar. As is the level of talent. Enough said.

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LOLOL. Your inability to grasp the relatively simple concept of "aspect ratio" tells me a lot about you, and indeed about the quality of your fic. So much so, I don't even need to read it.

I once got someone on the OG all butthurt when I remarked that their otherwise lovely offer to screencap Torchwood episodes for people was marred by the fact that their caps were 4:3 and everyone was just a bit stretchy. C'est la vie.


YOU shouldn't be allowed near the internet, or a word processing program. Your epic Mary Sue fic should be taken out and shot. Your icon says more about you than you probably will admit to, but God, it makes me laugh. EVERY TIME. (As a bonus, I have animation turned off on my playstation, so this is invariably the only frame I see of this animated icon. It's funnier like this, trust me.)

Names left out to protect the innocent. Tiem to defriend [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee nao, Y/N?

See? Bitching, it's the new black.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 09:42 pm
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Why are my icons getting replaced by other people's icons and the numbers in the url's randomly changing into other numbers?? IT'S FREAKING ME THE FUCK OUT.

My lovely gay IT crowd icon:

turned into this:

overnight. And [livejournal.com profile] kateorman's got a weirdy Ianto one that seems to suddenly be a guy on a rowing machine. I AM SCARED THAT LIVEJOURNAL MICHT BE BREAKING???
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This is the best icon I have ever seen anywhere ever.

Thank you Nos'.



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