May. 7th, 2014

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Btw, I will from now on be illustrating every thought in my head with gifs because I like gifs. Gifs are good.

Cap news...


In Cap news, I read the first part of Civil War and was thoroughly depressed by it. HOWEVER, if they do decide to go this route with the inevitable death of SteveCap in the MCU, at least I have an entire movie to look forward to of Cap getting HIS ARSE KICKED and suffering righteously. Somehow, I don't find that thought hugely unappealing. Am currently looking for the next installment, but have Brubakers's Winter Soldier to distract me until I find it. (Ah, yes, I only read comics on paper, I spend enough fucking time staring at screens, I just can't do it, I'm afraid.)

In other news, I watched Puncture.

Gah, Mike Weiss, what a strangely likeable, morally ambiguous, drugged up asshole you apparently were.

Okay, I kind of understand the point a lot of people make about Evans hijacking this movie a little, but in fairness, I don't really think the film ever purports to be anything other than a movie about Mike Weiss. It's not really about the case or the nurse or Paul or Dancort and I don't think it pretends to be. At the end of the day it's about this guy and why he did this. Did he just have a need for drama and attention? Did he crave winning and being right above all else? Or was he genuinely trying to change the world for the better? Come the end of it, you really, really want to believe it's the last thing and kudos to Chris for giving the guy enough likeability to allow us to see him as the hero, in spite of everything.

Also, everything Mike wore was hilarious. Just saying.

Most films portray heroin addiction as going hand in hand with either mental illness, extreme, murderous violence or rat and dead baby infested hellholes. Mike Weiss was good, if not brilliant, at his job, but occasionally late for things and forgot to pay the insurance that one time. Most courtroom dramas are full of desk pounding and cross examinations and YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. This case involved meeting after meeting, endless requests for paperwork and tedious legwork in a crappy car. Nothing in this movie was played up for the sake of drama, apart from, maybe, this:

But, come on, that was worth it just for the reveal that he's got an unexpected wife. And even given that part, the Painful Divorce is just... another thing that happens in the life of Mike Weiss. Despite the weighty subject matter, the film just sort of ambles along from scene to scene, from event to event, and there was something very real about it as a result. Not omgdramatic, but still engaging and gripping. And dammit, yes, you can't help but like the guy and feel a profound sense of shock when the inevitable happens just at the moment when you were maybe starting to love him a little.

In summary then, on the Chris Evans scale:
Beard: yup
Shirtlessness: check
Watchable: totally
Essential: I'm going to say yes

Sadly, no gratuitous shots of Chris Evans Putting Food Into His Mouth, but you can't have everything.

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Omg, Marvel, what s this wonderful gift you are giving me?

Dirk Anger is my new hero. [ profile] dune_drd have you read Nextwave? It is the stupidest, silliest thing I have ever come across. Stupid. It's like Agents of SHIELD crackfic, officially endorsed by Marvel.

I believe it may be the best thing ever. I can't decide what the &%$# stands for in Captain &%$#. But it's nice to know Cap shoved a bar of soap into his mouth, whatever it is.

ETA: Just finished it, and that surely was the best thing ever. The Captain, Captain &%$#, is the best superhero that never was.

Am now reading Brubaker Cap. Falcon just called someone 'asshat.' Thank you, Brubaker, my life is now complete.

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It is done.

No, I didn't take a break from it, it's just taken that many coats of paint. About 11. And yes, still handpainted, baby, freehand all the way. No cheatin'.


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