Apr. 10th, 2014

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I am bingewatching Chris Evans movies, but only those that are worth my time, so not, you know, Not Another Teen Movie and that kind of shit.

Seriously, I love me some dystopia and grubby postapocalyptic Gilliamesque nonsense, so it was kind of inevitable I would love this. Everyone in it is awesome, Evans is gruff and awesome, Swinton is kerazee awesome, Hurt is Hurt, Harris is creepy awesome, the father and daughter are awesome, seriously this is an awesome film. I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over, just to, like, properly get it. And then maybe watch it again for things I missed. And then maybe write some sort of dissertation about what everything meant. And then just watch it one more time with my brain off and just appreciate the hell out of Chris' beard for two hours. Most people I know will probably hate it.

Oh, Jamie Bell. It saddens me that Chris Evans and Jamie Bell apparently didn't have enough heart to heart chats on set in which Chris could have advised Jamie on the pros and cons of doing a Fantastic Four movie.


Don't do it, Jamie Bell! Seriously, nothing good can ever come out of doing a Fantastic Four movie. They are inevitably awful, but do well, forcing you to do another one, or maybe even two. BE WARNED.

ETA: I have also watched Sunshine, but I need to watch it again, because it took me far too long to realise that I should be watching it as an Evans/Murphy Mace/Capa buddy movie, with Evans being the sensible, down-to-earth one and Murphy slowly going batshit insane. I only realised this at the end, when it dawned on me that Pinbacker might NOT ACTUALLY BE THERE. I think that's my take on it, anyway. I am totally wrong about that, but it's the interpretation that worked for me on first viewing. Also: Evans is golden in it. For reals, I can see why it's his favourite. It made me want to rewatch Event Horizon as well, so there's that. In fact, the amount of films currently on my To Watch list, purely for reasons vaguely to do with Chris Evans is pretty high. First there's Sunshine again, simply because I can't work out if it's the greatest sci-fi film of the past decade or if it's a bit of a letdown what with the ending. That will make me want to watch Moon again because Sam Rockwell (I enjoyed the hell out of Better Living through Chemistry recently as well, by the way, that was a cute flick, and All Hail The King, the MARVEL short, which is the best one shot they've ever done and funny as fuck. Lovely drugs. Enough Sam Rockwell, I digress.) ANYWAY, by that time London will probably have arrived in my postbox (yes, not only am I watching only the most obscure Chris Evans movies, I am actually purchasing them through legal channels, wonders will never cease, but I found a place that has EVERYTHING and sends it to me within 24 hours) and then Snowpiercer. Again. Because it's brilliant.

In conclusion: Beard.


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